Fake Train Guide/Noble train Guide/Spaced-Snipe Guide


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If you don't know how to send 4 attacks 100 MS apart, then you've come to the right place.

No longer do you have to have "Opera" or know the word T-Train because there is now a chrome extension that helps you do this ALL YOURSELF.

The Extension is Extension and is approved on the Tribalwars International Server. As far as I'm aware, all .NET approved scripts/Extensions are allowed here, so you will have no problem using it.

Step 1: Click the "Extension" and install to Google Chrome

Step 2:
Open up 4 tabs and select a village to attack.

Step 3: Fill in the troops on each tab and click Command: Attack... which should put you on the attack confirmation screen on all 4 tabs.

Step 4: Click on the extension and make sure Tabs are set to "4" and the Gap is set to whatever you prefer. Most worlds operate at 100 MS, so I would suggest this setting.

Step 5: Attacks will now be sent 100 MS or whatever GAP you specified apart.

This is a fake train guide because it's great for sending fake trains at your enemies which will make them look exactly like noble trains apart from the time distance.

This is a noble train guide because you can use it to send noble trains if you don't prefer tribalwars' built in setting.

This is a Spaced-Snipe guide because you can set the gap between each snipe at ~200-500 MS and send multiple supports to almost ensure you'll snipe your enemy EVERY TIME.

If you have 10 tabs open and space each snipe 400 MS apart, you can literally cover 4 entire seconds of 1000SP/SW X 10 to try and snipe a player with.

Here is a 1-minute Video Guide on how to install and use this Tribalwars Extension: Visual Aid/Walkthrough


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Example of sniping with this chrome extension

When you widen the gap past 100 MS, it seems it won't consistently hit the same MS every time, so I suggest setting the gap low if you're going for noble train, but sniping you can widen it to whatever you'd like


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Thank you for this.
Yesterday I did it that old fashion way with 6 open window hitting send as fast as I could.
Out of 3 sets of 6. Only 3 landed inside the train.
This thread is valuable to me and will help me protect my tribe.