Family Tribes, and why you should hate them


I think of it more as the "extended cut" of (X_x),
but why must we always put labels on things??

bidam veer

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family tribes...i like them.i remember worlds where there were not a limit for tribe members.thousands of members,a lot of beautiful many memories:)))


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My first experience with family tribes was the first world I ever played: There was a tribe there called LIFE, which stood for Liberating Infantry For Life. LIFE committed two unforgivable sins. The first was that they didn't know how acronyms work. The second was that they would recruit entire tribes to be their family members, as opposed to recruiting individuals and then filling overflows into separate tribes. No, they'd approach an established tribe and say recruit the whole thing and slap a new LIFE number on it. They eventually won the world, but that's because they had LIFE through LIFE 8. I have never gotten over my hatred for family tribes since then.