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Dear Community,

Inno would like to know your feedback on 2 questions. We would like you to think about these questions and answer them seriously. We will remove the drama or the inappropriate comments for feedback that does not follow with the 2 questions.

1. What motivates you to play Tribal Wars?

2. What do you like about Tribal Wars?

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it.

Your Tribal Wars Team


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1. What motivates you to play Tribal Wars?
Tribal Wars is an addictive game. Out of all the games I have played, I have kept playing this one the longest amount of time, even though it's old, even though it has no real war graphics interface at all ... and some people have a problem playing a war game without any kind of battle screen at all ... I don't. The other side is that this is a game played with friends, so that's what has kept me playing also.

I have kept playing usually with the same team and I would love to play with them again in the future. I won't mention names here since I don't want to miss any, however I think they know who they are.

2. What do you like about Tribal Wars?

Some people might say that these two questions could have been merged into one, probably yes but there is still value and something that can be learned by answering this question on it's own too.

So what do I like about Tribal Wars? First of all, Tribal Wars is an RTS and I love RTS games. Tribal Wars requires no ginormous amounts of space on our PCs to be played, requires 0 amount of space actually and we know how much space modern games take. To everyone that says that nobody cares about space, well not everyone has SSDs of 2 terabytes of their PCs or laptops and with how modern games are evolving, even 2 terabytes are not enough if you install like 20 games.

So the fact that Tribal Wars requires no space is a plus since it can target more people.

However, there is a big group of people, mostly young people, who are used to games who have kind of a battle screen at least, so IMO Tribal Wars might need to have one too, if it wants to target said group of people ... but of course this needs to be well thought and tested because Tribal Wars also has a big userbase of veterans and don't know how this could be received.

I of course like the community built around the game and I'm trying to contribute, as little as I can for this community, because I love the game and value the friendships built over the years playing this game.


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There's a problem with this stance IMO.

Sure, you didn't need to buy storage, but that's not much of a win when you have to spend way more on the game than you would on storage for other games.

My laptop has 10 TB of SSD storage, yet people spend 10-20x what I spent on that storage in the first month of a world to try and be rank 1.

What motivated me to play TW was the urge to compete and strive to always improve.

What pushed me away from the game was its terrible monetization changes.

I played this game before many of its current users were even born, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with a clear conscience any longer.