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Discussion in 'Premades' started by FatDonald, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Dec 8, 2018
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    Hey TW-players

    I'm looking for a co-player to form the FatDonald team with myself; I'll quit Loooveee-team for W44 :'( I'll join them back later so I'm not looking a co that stays with me for the rest of his TW-life. I'm looking for someone that want to play 1 or 2 coming worlds with me

    What about me
    - I'm active (+-18hours/day)
    - I farm hard
    - I master all the skills needed to play top 3 acc
    - Agressive, defensive,... I love/can play every playstyle possible
    - Teamplayer but sometimes selfish :)

    What can I offer?
    - An active account
    - A strategic mind (a)
    - A good farmer
    - I hope pp ! (Will pp farm 43)
    - Helpfull tips for less-skilled players
    - Good connections
    - Humor
    (For tribe: mostly open for sitting folks)

    What am I looking for?
    - Best would be a US/Canadian player
    - Someone that can spend some time in this game (don't ask to be 18h/day there, off-days are normal,... but a minimum activity is necessary)
    - Someone that always want to learn/try new things
    - You need to have discord/skype for communication !
    - Not affraid of farming (most important)
    - Someone with humor !

    If you're interested, feel free to contact me ! (even small players can contact me, we've time until W44 comes out

    Btw, if people already think about W44, might be interested in making a tribe with some folks, feel free to contact me as well