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TW now implemented new system for premium exchange.

Every 60 seconds at the 52 second mark, Tribalwars will add 15 of each resource to the market. Maybe this number will increase soon.... Still very concerning and another addition to the premium BS we experience every world. If they ramp this number up, innogames will be competing with premium farmers and maybe soon it won't even be very worth to sell resources on market :(


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Are you even surprised? I'm sure it gets to 20 per minute in the 2nd day.
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I'd imagine the number will go up however this is a no win situation for them if we're honest. There were issues over large chunks of res dropping and then increasing as the start up went on as that was generally bought by the same player or players in each K.

If its calculated, 15 per minute equates to roughly the same as the large drops that TW used to do anyway so its not changed much in that regard. It also spaces it out for a lot more people to get a peice of the pie if they so wanted along with creating a new short term revenue stream for INNO as people will still buy at 15/30 resources for 1 PP.


It also increases cost for resources from the big pp spenders. That may be good for the game that may be premium spenders won't spend as much/won't be able to be on EVERY 60 seconds. It just matters if most of the big spenders stop spending as much on pp and cut back it could hurt the continuation of the US server. Some WILD changes with a world that I don't think most people find very exciting with no scavenging, watchtowers and low amounts of barbs.

I wonder why it is hard to get new people, is a fun game tho

Im not Crazy Henkie.

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I think this might be better than the previous big drops... Then 1 person would take the big drop and have a huge advantage while now everyone can take a piece :)