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Discussion in 'World D+B (W17)' started by *POINTWHORE*, Oct 15, 2014.

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    *POINTWHORE* Member

    Jul 14, 2011
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    So the first nobled achieved by Crash is back
    Any thoughts about this noble? Or why didnt the 24/7 pp nerd account didnt noble a >1.500 village first?
  2. Tuptaj.Tutaj

    Tuptaj.Tutaj Guest

    He doesn't want to speed up the world too fast
  3. No....they obviously want a train first (which they don't have yet) and want to noble a good village first. Hence they build other stuff first giving noble targets time to grow.
  4. earl.

    earl. Guest

    Or could be storing coins for future use with a high level coin flag...
  5. Alex .Forum

    Alex .Forum Guest

    Or maybe they don't have enought ress for noble..
  6. TehRob

    TehRob Guest

    Maybe they're crafting the ultimate spear nuke
  7. earl.

    earl. Guest

    Well there's 7 nobles in the world right multiple people likely have nobles.
  8. Woooo! There goes krijtje and his barb/bonus nobling again! Atleast he is living up to expectations :truelove: