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Hi I'm new to this game.
I love what I see of it so far.
Could anyone tell me,
I'm a little worried that this game may have low pop?
I see a lot of castles it's just these kinduv games some times are a bit low pop so I can't be sure especially since I don't see a world chat to go off of.
Any other tips or advice would be most appreciated as well.


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Hello @AntientOne ,

Welcome to Tribal Wars, hope you like the experience here.

Tribal Wars does not have a global world chat but there is definitely a very fun and active community of players. Nowadays this community of players usually talks using Discord so a lot of the talk is done there now.

If you haven't already, I would suggest to you to join a tribe.

Look for a tribe which has a good placement on your continent and try to learn from the best.

The game can help you grow and learn faster by the help of the Mentoring system too so experienced players can be assigned to be your mentors and they can guide you through your first steps into the medieval world of Tribal Worlds.