Hello TW World

Queen Andromeda

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Greetings TW world.
I used to play on the .net servers for years Mostly under my QA account or with my Raid3r account.
In world 13 there our tribe INSO won.
I miss all of our guys Not sure if some are still playing.
You all know who you are give me a shout if you are around.

Anyway. I know a few things have probably changed in the game since I last played, I would
love to learn what changed and what to do.

I am currently on USA server Casual World 6. Don't have a tribe yet, still getting the lay of the land.
lol Looks like I started rather late in this one but hoping to make some friends and find someone to
help me out about what has changed.

Best Regards,
Queen Andromeda AKA QA
I hope you all stay safe and healthy. Enjoy your games. ;)


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Welcome back to Tribal Wars Queen Andromeda. Let me know when you plan to play some of the non-casual worlds!