House Rahl (World 10)

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Jorian Targarius Rahl

Head of House:
Lord [player]Jorian Targarius Rahl[/player]

House Rahl rules with three words,

"We are not interested in Ranks or Standing out from the rest until it is absolutely necessary. We here in House Rahl are patient, and when the time comes we will reign down on our enemies like the sharpened battle axe of a barbarian King!!!" -Lord Rahl

We do not want to seem like we feel better than anyone else but we must be careful with whom we choose to go to battle with. All who apply will be reviewed and a careful decision will be made. We appreciate every application request here at House Rahl

On the off chance that anyone wishes to have House Rahl by their side in battle the candidate's request will be well thought over and a decision on the matter will be given within the next days time.

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i am looking for good players to join.