How to make a quick, and easy map.

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So I got told in a skype conversation, players like the maps I make and they wonder what website I use. So I wanted to make a quick guide on how I make my maps. As my maps don't require anything but screenshots and 5 minutes of your time to make. I will first walk you through it in writing. I will then post screenshots of the steps you take.

1) Go to whatever site you use to look at maps. I use for my maps. Then you are going to want to click on the world you play. Go to "map tool" on the right hand side. Type in the tribes you wish to make a map of. (keep Twstats up for when you are editing the screenshot you can look back on what tribe is what color) Screenshot the map once you have everything set.

2) Go to and upload the screenshot to edit it. I personally adjust the brightness and contrast just to make the colors stick out more. You don't have to do this or you can edit it with other settings you wish to. Then I add the tribe names in with the same color as they are on the map so everyone knows what tribe is what. When you are done with the map you save it and upload it to the forums. At the end I will post the link to my personal choice of a photo uploading site.

The website I use is called To post photos. You will copy and past the "Hotlink for Forums (1)" when you past it, it will have a link in it. Erase that, it is just a link to the website and a link to the picture. The [img] is the one you want to keep to upload the picture. I hope to see some more player made maps, of course you can go to other websites and make some really great maps. These maps only take 5 minutes to make and don't cost a penny. Hope you guys enjoyed the read and it becomes helpful. ~ Jimmy[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]