I never seent it comin! anotha enimay!

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jeezzz its just a game. you talk like the betrayal cause families to die and famine among the population.
remember its a war game, and these things are all just part of war. why is it that everytime someone does
something that you assume is not correct, you feel the need to call people out lol. who cares? lets just keep

and btw, are we not friends cuz we fight eachother? :(
i thought we was like bestest friends and stuffs.


im looking at the history... theres not much recruitment here lol.
from what we had to choose from and to control where we wanted to control,
i think our recruitment selection was spot on :)

and as far as friendships and fighting and recruiting... sure a fight will end a
friendship but it will likely start 1 too. and what better way to know the
players you recruit are fighters than to test them yourself.

Awesome way to find people to play with in later worlds is to fight them. If they give you a good run for your money they're definitely worth playing with.

I disagree. Fighting will only end a friendship if the two parties have different approaches and haven't discussed it. If I have a friend in an enemy tribe we can agree to fight or not fight. If that friend is in my own tribe and I wake up to find they waited until I went to bed then changed sides and attacked while I slept it's a different matter. It's the difference between just playing the game and betrayal. Now there are a lot of shades of grey in between those extremes of course.

I do agree it can start a friendship as well. I've made a few friends that way.

As for testing them. Well I guess so if they were doing their own fighting. In many ways I agree as a general approach, the player who puts up a good fight is worth having if you can get them. Of course the reason for joining is a factor. Whether they will switch sides again if you start to lose ground ... assuming they have the choice.

The only reason I'd get annoyed at a friend attacking me is if they outright told me they weren't going to and turned on me. Otherwise, there's no real problem, I remember warring against a friend from w7 back on w24, was a lot of fun.


Jake now you are sounding like a cracked record (anyone remember those?). I responded to your post, agreeing in part and disagreeing in part.

I guess you can look at it in one of 2 ways.

1. React to real people. What happens ingame affects the real relationship.
2. React to it as real but only within the context of the game.

Mostly '2' is what happens. All the 'hot air' is in a fantasy context, actions trigger consequences but only in terms of the game. Some things trigger '1'. Either way though actions are remembered and at some later date can have consequences.

'Player A wants to join our tribe'
'Player A is good, aggressive style ... but can't be trusted'.

just an example of how it could go. What is funny is you can reverse the argument when it suits you. That was just you tailoring the argument to fit your aim of course ... which I was aware of ... it just didn't matter.

Mostly I agree with Adam although I wouldn't go out of my way to target a friend. For sure I think I've made more friends by fighting than losing them but then most do try and avoid or at least minimise attacking friends.

Btw yeah Jake is good fun .... but that Ice Cold geezer ... well .....