Improving Tribe Level



The tribe level is a good addition to the game and buffs it has ... but i think it might also have a better use.

For example:

Lets have a world that starts with tribe limit of 20 players.

Each new tribe level adds 2 more free spaces on your tribe (which means unlimited tribe places for as long as the tribe level grows).

This though comes at a loss, the tribe player either have to use points to buff their own vills, or they can donate their points to the tribe.

Then the tribe leader (the duke or baron) can either use these points the tribe has to add tribe-wide buffs or save these points in order to level-up his tribe.

This would add another level of strategy to the game and would also make happy a lot of players who like small tribes.

If this can be implemented then we have worlds that start with small tribes, then with time passing each tribe might have its own strategy (one might spend points for tribe-wide buffs, one might spend points to allow new members to join, etc).

Also this might limit a bit the tribe-hoping (well at least in the beginning of the world).

Personally i think these would be good additions to the tribe level integration.



I like the way you're thinking here. Anything to encourage the tribe part of tribal wars, as well as the strategy. Same with anything that discourages tribe hopping.


Problem with this (well I see many issues but will only stat this one)

Is that say you go to war. One tribe wins, the other tribe disbands which in reality when a tribe disbands normally the leaders quit the world but the average joe is left tribeless. Which normally leaves one of them to step up and make a new tribe. Now you have a tribe who won the war with more members and buffs because the other tribe just formed. Now outside the fact that the other tribe has a moral advantage they also have more members and more "buffs" leaving it almost impossible for the new tribe to win which when then make it to were only (logical) way you will win the world is by joining the tribe that already has more members and buffs. So now you are trying to get ride of tribe hopping and might make the start of the world more interesting but you are making any late game tribes almost irrelevant. Which is sometimes the best part of the world. When a mega tribe has issues and splits into two tribes and fights for the world win will no longer be a thing.


I might be a little late on this but I definitely have to agree with The Scientist. with this one. What happens if I have 25 members ready to go in my tribe but our tribe can only hold 20? Which 5 am I going to say "Hey you aren't as important as the other 20. Take a seat and we'll invite you in a few weeks when we hit the correct level." :)