Lesson Learned?


It's all over, cakes been baked...taking some well needed R&R slaying some whores in the sunshine, then right back to bustin' you all you elite dudes up again with my Tribemates. Too bad that this time, were gonna start as a tribe...and continue wrecking up shop. Come one, Come All...Keep making excuses...or keep yer mouths shut, chill and be cool, and learn the Necromonger way. CAOS will continue to burn because we've created a new standard of unselfishness and team play...we have proven, that the underdog can prevail if they work together and selflessly. This will burn...see all you dudes in w9, especially all you busters who talked that yang yang but ended up getting got by all us 'n00bs'. Sucks to be you, and I'm sure I'll be a target, but just like a street gang, my homies got my back...see ya soon kids.

Hello Suprdave,

Congrats to you and all of Caos/Chaos/Kaos on the win. I wish I could have stayed for the long haul but I just couldn't slog it on two worlds at the same time. W56.net is still going but we will win relatively soon, likely by October 2013. Our enemy is falling to pieces now.