Looking for Coplayer

Moist Pineapple

Hello there,

I'm Moist Pineapple, looking for a coplayer for us17.

I'm playing on the rim, and while I started very late, I'm confident in my ability to catch up and dominate the rim. I'm an experienced player, but have yet to hone my skills in sticky situations.

Any person interested, message me in game or on the forums here, and I'll give you a skype to go into further detail.

I'm looking specifically for a non-american player, to cover times while I sleep or am busy with class.

I am not strict by any means, nor do I expect anyone to be online from a certain time to another certain time. As long as you farm when you can and make smart decisions for the most part, I'm happy.

So if you want to have fun doing some damage on the rim, hit me up and we can talk about it.


Moist Pineapple

Nevermind, I'm going to Antarctica to join ISIS and their triumphs against America.

And with that I say

Allah Hu Akbar

(You can delete this thread, idk how to cuz im noob)