Luck flag really make you Lucky?


:l:Hello my great W13 friends <3:l:

So after having a couple tribe mates of mine in my little old rim tribe has asked many questions about Luck flags and what they do I elected to write a little guide for you guys incase others on this world wonder.

Is there any use for this Flag? Any scenario when it would be ideal to use? It just seems that it could bite you as much as help you.

First off it should be noted it can ONLY be used on offense. If used on defense it has no effect for balancing out the luck. With that said it does have its perks but in the end only if the battle is going to be close. As the attack flag is better overall but with bad luck the attack flag does less damage than the luck flag. The examples below are based with my village builds if you feel like I am wrong feel free to test it yourself.

In all examples the defense has a level 10 Defensive flag

In this example the offense has a level 10 attack flag but with -25 luck


In this example level 10 attack flag with 0 luck


In this example there is no attack flag but a 0 luck because of the luck flag. (didn't want to sway it one way or the other)


So in my opinion, if you know your going to clear the target use attack flag as it will do more damage with less loses as long as you don't get horrible luck. If its going to be a close battle you might want to consider using the luck flag to make sure the negative luck does not effect the outcome of the battle.

Hope this all helped a couple of you in making flag choices in your upcoming battles. Happy hunting

~ Pursuit of Happiness


Thanks for all the trouble you went to provide this!