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Just noticed margol is running a tribe here... i feel bad for all his followers lol.

so margol remember that time when you were in an enemy tribe of mine, and you contacted me saying you wanted to join? funny the same day your leader contacted me saying he doesn't like spying, and showed me the quotes of you saying you spy for them?

instead of taking you in, we forced you to spy on them. checking your information against our other spies we found some to be true but nothing helpful. so you spied on them..

eventually we let you in to test you. we gave you a goal, to only reach 5 mil oda against a certain enemy and that took you several weeks to get. week after week of 0 oda.. it was apparent you were spying. we did manage to force your hand against your tribe didn't we? with a threat of being exclusively targeted by my tribe, you folded and attacked them.

after we exposed you as a spy to my tribe, they wanted you gone. you were dismissed and targeted so you send your password to me in game and said good bye. how underhanded is that? you spy on every tribe you were in, you graduated as the most hated player of the world, and people still laugh here when you are mentioned.

all that and the worst isn't even revealed.. you make claim to others that you are ice cold yet you're nothing but an ice cold victim :)

looking at your tribe margol, i know at least 7 players there. all their loyalties are tied greatly to me. hope you had your fun its ending soon.

Margol Dec 16,2013 10:17
You people still haven't figured out who i am, it has been in my profile since day 1.

BossMan07 Dec 16,2013 10:38
You and nick?

Margol Dec 16,2013 10:50
Nick is just a friend.

BossMan07 Dec 16,2013 10:52
That's all it ways on your profile

Margol Dec 16,2013 10:54
Check the spoiler.

Margol Dec 16,2013 10:56
So let's make it a fun world, at least... for another good couple of months.

BossMan07 Dec 16,2013 10:56
Ice cold?

Margol Dec 16,2013 11:01

i am here to win this world, make it my 17th. so let's rock and roll away.

Ice cold will watch slowly.

Margol Dec 16,2013 11:10
There is very little hope, because i know how skilled you are and that your a pre-made, but i will let that hope grow in me more and more.

[22:33:47] Sweeney: Jake wanted to say hi
[22:34:06] Margol: Cool
[22:34:26] Margol: He yet does not know whom I am :)
[22:34:37] Margol: And we keep it that way.
[22:35:30] Sweeney: Why?
[22:35:35] Sweeney: Are you afraid of him?
[22:35:41] Margol: Not at all.
[22:35:56] Margol: That chapter is closed for me.
[22:36:59] Margol: Never claimed to be Jake once. Like I said chapter is closed.
[22:37:37] Sweeney: I never said you claimed to be Jake. But I do recall Boss saying you claimed to play the Ice Cold account.
[22:37:59] Sweeney: And if the chapter is closed, why keep all the secrets?
[22:38:14] Margol: No secret.
[22:38:27] Margol: This is something I am not going back to.
[22:39:11] Sweeney: If it's not a secret then why won't you tell me?
[22:39:18] Sweeney: You're not making very much sense here :D
[22:39:50] Margol: Its a closed chałtura in my TW.
[22:40:06] Margol: Never to be opened again.
[22:43:11] Margol: Sorry Sweeney, Its better for that to stay away from W13
[22:44:35] Sweeney: Why?
[22:45:05] Sweeney: Jake claimed you were a backstabber, that's not true, is it? (worry)
[22:45:36] Margol: Its something I don't talk about especially my past.
[22:46:23] Sweeney: I can assume that's a yes then (worry)
[22:47:14] Margol: W6 is something I don't talk about. It's a long story with many problems.
[22:49:49] Margol: You won't understand.
[22:55:31] Margol: Please do not go back to this again. And leave my past alone.
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Well an interesting tidbit or two.
One thing though. He may have spied ON us (well he did) but he never spied FOR us.


well he wanted to spy for you guys, you remember the quotes right? lol.
anyway, leader of my current enemy firequeen... whats your thoughts on margol?
of course we are supposed to disagree about everything cuz we are enemy right?


Oh snap Jake the Snake told him.. I think me and Queen gave him that account to begin with :D


I hadn't actually given him any thought for some time.
As for disagreeing ... well we've never found that too difficult .... but we can agree on a few things I think without breaking union rules.

Personally I think that joining a tribe to spy for them just to get safety is pretty sad as is allowing yourself to be bullied into spying. It's a game, it's just not worth spoiling your relationships with fellow team members over. I don't like spying because apart from anything else how can you ever trust the loyalty of someone willing to do so?

You think that's enough of a blend of agreement and disagreement that we can get away with it? :p


Yea thats what happens when you give a account to someone you don't know.. Its a gamble.. Nowadays, I usually only give accounts to people I know or come highly recommended..

I still can't believe you 2 are still playing W6, more power to you both I suppose :cool: Have Fun!


i can't get over how he won 17 worlds omg you must be wizard!


17 worlds in 1st place.. Rank 1 OD and all the trimmings beat that!


Psh 17 worlds? I just won my 100th world. Innogames gifted me a Unicorn and let me teleport into the future to win every world on tribal wars 2. 17 worlds is child's play


Imagine what we give when someone wins 500 worlds. :p

Back to topic please. :)


you were dismissed and targeted so you send your password to me in game and said good bye

i like his last ditch effort attack on me. ultimate kamikaze attack! how did that work for you margol? hahahahaha

ok well im done on the forum here.. if something interesting happens someone drag me out again.


Hope your done Jake.

Because i don't have to comment on anything, simply because i don't care.

Keep the drama up, it's all you are.

Well Jake.. now referring to W6 - it seems like you are attacking your own tribe mates after requesting support sent to front-line villages and taking their villages to win the world? it's been quite long huh? :)

Also, Fire i never had the intention to spy on anything, i was simply asked to play and that was all really, than it all began with Ice Cold asking me to spy for him on your tribe, but i refused. Fun times eheh.

I am happy you know 7 players from my current tribe, try me Jake! you failed once, it will happen again.
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"i don't have to comment on anything, simply because i don't care."

cared enough to write afterwards dont you lol. you lied about who you even are why would
anything you say now have any merit?

and whats this garbage that i failed? lol you quit with ur tail between ur legs.
went as low as sending that pw in game.

keep going buddy :)
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You don't want me to start on you. I will let everyone find out the truth about how much of a dirty player you really are and that you will backstab anyone so you get what you want. Quit it. I WILL end you. FYI no PW was sent, account was deleted. Another lie. Another story of yours like old times.
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im to dirty for you to be able to describe on the forum. youd get banned using words that still dont describe me.

here is some recent convo. margol tried to scare me away and keep my attention away from the forums...
now he keeps writing messages and just blocked me. so tell me... for someone that doesn't care, why
did you go through the trouble of joining my world and writing me so much about it?

for the record, this is topic is about margol. so if you are going to try to turn it around on me that would be
considered off topic. be my guest and open a w6 forum if you want to talk ur smack. not that anyone will
care much lol. your repeated lies proved to us that your word is near worthless.

Margol Jan 10,2014 05:31
Forget it Jake and give up on trying to make me look bad. I have all the info about Nom, Willwork, Sixpointer, Mystical Being and others. Try me.

Ice Cold Jan 10,2014 09:08
oh hi ice cold wannabe. and btw there is no intel on them. If there is please open a world 6 forum and try your best to make me look bad lol

Margol Jan 10,2014 09:44
No one tried to look like you lol.

Joshua told me everything Jake.

Margol Jan 10,2014 09:46
Perhaps we can explain on the internals why your first 14 villages were internals in this world and than we can explain to them how you have been back stabbing own tribe mates.

Ice Cold Jan 10,2014 09:47
there's nothing to tell lol. and if there is then be my guest :)
not like ppl will listen to you a liar. not even confident enough to say who yoy really are but won 15 worlds. right or wrong that sad lol

Ice Cold Jan 10,2014 09:48
go ahead and explain whatever you want lol

Margol Jan 10,2014 09:54

all chats and skype convos are saved.

Ice Cold Jan 10,2014 09:59
cool, please post everything to try to take the attention off the fact that you lie about who u are. and I've proved skype can be doctored, even actual quotes. so ya go have fun

Margol Jan 10,2014 10:00
So just leave me alone and i will leave you alone, no one pretended or tried to being you.

Ice Cold Jan 10,2014 10:01
lol go post ur stuff boy.

Ice Cold Jan 10,2014 10:02
I already told sweeney who to use fir a spy btw he's a good spy

Margol Jan 10,2014 10:02
I am not gonna defend myself ... it's pointless... you had your 5mins of fame again now go away, your W6 career is a setup and i know it with every single details. SO leave me ALONE.

Ice Cold Jan 10,2014 10:04
so tell the details to all the world lol. idc dude. I will admit if something is true.. but you don't.. wannabe

Margol Jan 10,2014 10:05
I told you, no one was a wannabe, but the fact you ask tribe mates to send support and than attack them is lame... clearly shows who you are from before. Also, please don't talk about me in your chats. i have eyes everywhere.

Ice Cold Jan 10,2014 10:08
lol weak.. well I will post this enture convo on forums later. to show ur all talk no bite and no spine :)

Margol Jan 10,2014 10:10
Than i will post about your friend Alex, at the start of W6 and what happened. Your choice.

Ice Cold Jan 10,2014 10:11
lol I don't have any friends alex idiot LOL

Margol Jan 10,2014 10:12
Nom Nom Nom.

Ice Cold Jan 10,2014 10:14
u have about 0 facts right... but sure go tell everyone lol. make yourself look even better hahahaha

Margol Jan 10,2014 10:14
Anyway Jake,

what have you been doing in the last 9days in your W6? i don't see any enemy village taken? 0___0... wait? you were messing up tribes mates. THAT'S RIGHT.

Margol Jan 10,2014 10:15
I know Joshua didn't quit, and still plays under his wife's account in VOID.

Margol Jan 10,2014 10:16
I also spoke to Despicable Me, he told me anything i wanted to know, the truth.

Also Jake, it's pointless to argue, so move on and forget about it, if you do carry on i will have to contact everyone again including Darth Headshot.

Ice Cold Jan 10,2014 10:16
you have no clue about whats going on lol
more idiocy. but thats cool you like to think you know...
well ice cold wannabe, im done wasting time. be sure to give me more good stuff in this mail

Ice Cold Jan 10,2014 10:17
LOL darth is also active and right here... anything else foolish you wanna say?

Ice Cold Jan 10,2014 10:17
u just sound like a complete idiot

Margol Jan 10,2014 10:23


I don't care about your rants or what ever you post on externals, i simply do not care lol. I am not the idiot. you are.remember what happened to Kwik Kwik? lol. ye exactly. quit it.

Now, i will focus on my world and win it, i wish you good luck in W6, because its a never ending world from what i see, and i can understand why you attack your tribe mates. Have as many spies as you want in W13, 80% of my tribe is formed with real life friends. idiot.

Margol Jan 10,2014 10:28
Another lie Jake.

Sweeney just confirmed you have no contact.. what's next than?

Margol Jan 10,2014 10:29
YOU made me look like a LIAR. When you KNOW the TRUTH. BUT you HIDE IT. STOP.
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Come on Jake.

How about i start to give in my two cents? Are you ready?
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