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Some new troll accounts appeared today tottaly like 10 minutes ago.
All 36 to 48 points with similar "names"
I think they are some mass troll acounts.
Has this happened before in .us ?


I have noticed the same kind of thing as well. Dunno if its just me but some areas of the map appear to be much more heavily populated than others. Feels like another world 15 issue where that one area had so many barbed players near them as opposed to the rest of the world

Dr Diddle

ghjfrhgfrheg is under beginner protection

hfrhdfshgfr is under beginner protection

hufwbhu is under beginner protection

Man am I glad I updated my script today....


some of them are deleted now but not all
they appeared near the middle of K55 and K54
they are new players so they should be at RIM

Dr Diddle

Yeah, I just looked a few were deleted, still a bunch around though


Troll accounts? Rather mass account making using some kind of bot.
TW please ban and delete all these accounts asap, don't let these abusers farm these villages like it was on w15


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Thanks for letting us know we are on it, If you still see some of these vills please send in a ticket with the coords so that we can take care of them all.