PP Purchases to the Extreme

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Take a look at this player:


In a little less than 36 hours, the player went from 827 to 4948 points, and it seems the player recently got an academy as I'm posting this. All that in just four days, which means BP is still active.

Shouldn't something be done about this? Too many things can be purchased with PP now, and players who actually play the game and farm their resources constantly with scavenging and looting can't stand a chance against someone who exploit all the premium features available in the game. The Premium exchange is showing abnormally low selling rates for resources to PP - seems strongly correlated to this player buying resources over and over again rather than grinding for the resources through farming methods. If this continues, this will leave the game in a very unhealthy state, and fewer people will bother playing in an already small player base compared to what it was years ago.


Yeah, unfortunately he landed right beside me. Obviously I couldn't fight back and he could queue troops a lot faster than me, eventually nobling my village a good 15 hours before his beginner protection wore off. That's the second time I've been nobled by someone who pp boosted hardcore on this world. It's very unfortunate for the health of the game.


This is very interesting subject because personally I have not played without premium account or account manager for long time and I can see myself playing Tribal Wars without those features that you can simply buy for PP. Yeah I can absolutely apply myself on some words solely to make PP but come on guys - if you want to do good in this game you gotta be online all the time. More folks you have on the account - better. For some folks this place to come hangout with old friends, for other it is addiction. For some it is simply hobby, have you ever collected something for a hubby? Did it cost you some money to buy/get things, collect and take care and store those things? This is same thing. Life work out wonderful waves and some people around have more finances to spend on their hobbies, it is what it is. Apply yourself, get money and spend them all here. Noobs will be crying about you getting villas on right and left in future world! Plus it is nice to make sure folks who develop/fix/monitor/admin this game get paid somehow too!


Yes having the premium account does help, but that is minimal effort minimal PP. Its not that at all. It is that the worlds are decided by the ones with the money to waste and this is there only life, only outlet, and they feel that if they buy the win they are still good players. That definitely is not the case. And it does ruin the game for so many that cannot afford to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to play. W33 is already decided. And the world hasn't been open 60 days yet. Options I see to help fix the issue:
Reduce allowed purchases of items etc.
Have a new world where it is skills that get you there.
Make it harder for the ones that use the PP for superiority.
Make sure that the scripts are NOT getting threw.


Ever hear of PP farming? haha, free and easy and you don't spend a penny, so stop hating on people


What if we have pp worlds and non pp worlds? Just like church worlds and watchtower worlds.