Rate the Player Above


Hello everyone.

Time for another ranking thread, i know yall love those.

Rank the player above, most of you know what its about, for you who doesnt :

You should rate the player who posted latest with a scale of 1-10 and ideal would be to leave a comment after each.



Depending on how active this forum will be, wait atleast 5 posts or so before you post again .

The first person who post in this thread is the first one to be rated.

Have fun



Points: 10/10
ODA: 8/10 For 40 villas should have a bit more, but we all know barb munching is needed :)
Position: 10/10 Perfect position to enjoy the game at full potential
Tribe: 8/10 Good players but heard from a few members that they are quite boring. Remember to have fun guys. Ask sig for memes.
Overall: 8/10 Player with potential. Wasn't really tested yet, so I can't say much about him.
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(would like to rate you, but on which acc are you playing?)


Player: Chill.Cali

Points:10/10 ; Always been in top 30, since december still better ranking. From top 20 to top 10 and now top 3 ! I wish you best luck to stay up there
ODA: 10/10 ; Top 1 ODA, since end November your ODA keeps climbing !
Position: 8/10 ; Only near Sigismund of your tribe, excellent farm spot west of you, near DALEKS and TBD (I suppose that means when big war will come you'll enjoy it, but I actually don't follow much the diplomacy so idk a lot about that), maybe too close cluster, could be bigger to farm better/more ?
Tribe:x/10 ; I'm new on US servers that's why I can't rate it. Don't know the guys in your tribe but what I heard about some of them / talked with some of them pretty good tribe with nice and active players !
Overall:28/30. Good in points, excellent in ODA, nice position, good farming too, don't know what to say more about the acc :) Good luck to you, have an excellent account to have fun on this world (seems to have good players on it as well!)

You can rate Afraid of the dark


Afraid of the dark

Points:7/10 -(rank 21) clearly busy with other worlds + tried to pp farm this world from beginning and restarted later , but i dont doubt they will finish in top 10
OD:3/10 -(think we need to rate OD not just ODA ) overall OD is bad , there isnt much they can do there but if war pop up soon it might change
Position:6/10- 6/10 idk how to rate this ...really dont , it depends on person and what that person can do at backline and what on frontline , knowing she would better use frontline but being at rim might provide them good position to get some free villas and later they always can take few barbs at front and start making troubles
Tribe:8/10 -Decent players , decent skill pool , if they play diplomacy good ,most of them can make far into this world
Overall:24/30 -with all this said i believe this acc will only grow and will be treat to anyone outside of their tribe



Points:10/10 Doing really well on ranking with potential for growth by sharing war front

OD:6/10 Guess it’s just so much you can do, but by sharing a front line I’d expect a more aggressive OD

Position:10/10 Definitely a very good position with unlimited growth at any stage of the game

Tribe:10/10 For them being rank 1, don’t know many of the players in there, I guess mainly started in .us when I quit back in w30. Diplomacy wise I expected them to be more aggressive rather than having most of their members playing farmville

Overall:36/40 We came across each other’s couple times in previous worlds when you used to co play other accounts and it wasn’t pleasant at your end. Glad you found a good co player and you have been improving with your skills overtime ^^



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