Rate The Player Above


Yall know what to do.

I cant be rated so it will start when the first player replies.

Dont get off -topic, no discussions in here, no spam to get yourself rated over and over again. Ofcourse you can reply more than once, but like i said , no spam.
You shall only rate the player who will be above your reply.

If the guidelines wont be respected, dear kawoni, throw a lock on it.

Let the game begin
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A complete player. It has good conquered villages, has one of the best draws of the world's resources and excellent OD. It is one of my player bets that will stand out in this world.

Im not Crazy Henkie.

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Lets do this a little bit more organized:

Krieger der Finsternis:

Points: 8/10 --> Rank 40 at the moment, 3 villages... not bad :)
Tribe: 7/10 --> Dont know many players of the tribe so cant really say much
Location: 6/10 --> A little too busy around you with tribemates and stuff :)

Farming: 8/10 --> 160.604 maximum amount of farm, rank 13 most farmed is pretty decent, as a rank 40 player
Potential: 8/10 --> I dont think you will get nobeled in the next months, looking at your tribemates around you, should give enough protection. Whether you are good enough to win the world, lets say we will see that in the future :)


Ok, lets do

Natural Perfection:

Points: 9,5/10 --> Rank 31, 3 villages, 7600 points. Why so high? Because points are nothing right now:)
Tribe: 10/10 --> You know why.
Location: 7/10 --> Too blue around you, you cant use all you can there, if you was the only blue among red dots, it would be better.
Farming: 8,5/10 --> Too funny to see how you steal farm with your tribemates and allies from each other:) Anyway, i cant say your farm is bad, hope you will have success in it in the future too
Potential: 7/10 --> Blue-blue-blue:) What are the perspectives? Eating barbs or moving somewhere far? I dont know. Will see in the future.
Ofc active game will give the harvest, lets hope we will reach success together, my friend:)

Im not Crazy Henkie.

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I forgot to at "opponents defeated" in the list :/
So from now on this list:

Opponents defeated: (remember that in this stage, low opponents defeated is not bad)

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Pancho Villa


Points: 8/10 -->
Rank 78, too early to judge players by points..

Tribe: 10/10 --> Mostly made of experienced players.

OD: 8/10 --> No comment.

Location: 9/10 --> Has variety of villas to choose from.

Farming: 10/10 --> Ranks first, nice job there.

Potential: 9.5/10 --> No real threats around him just yet.


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I suspect that it not too many will post here. Should we have a limit on how many people make a post before being able to post again?

Pancho Villa Has to be rated now.


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Guess i can rate pancho, since i did not get an proper rating :)

Pancho Villa

Points: 8/10
--> rank 11, got 3 villages. Seems to be very good, but it depends on your troop amount ;)
Tribe: 9/10 --> rank 4, got an good strong team there, alot of experienced members.
Opponents defeated: 6/10---> mostly ODD and from support, good or a bad thing?
Location: 7/10 --> okey i guess
Farming: 8/10 -->
Good farming, cant be any better than that as long as Medium KIng is around ;)
Potential: 9/10 --> I see alot of potential, if you play your cards right you can go very far



Points: 10/10
--> rank 19, 4 villages. It is really good in my opinion.
Tribe: 10/10 --> rank 2, Looks like it's made all from experienced players judging by their profiles at this and different worlds lol
Opponents defeated: 9/10---> well it is pretty good, can't judge much in early game
Location: 8/10 --> looks pretty good, got some of your tribe mates around you
Farming: 10/10 --> Really good farming, judging that is too busy and many active players on your area farming too
Potential: 10/10 --> I see alot of potential on you looks like you have Years of experience and you will go far!

Sorry about my English, is not my native language
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Points: 10/10 -->
4 villages, rank 6. 10/10 because all his villages are nicely growing even though he doesn't seem to care building a core
Tribe: 10/10 --> Pretty good and known players gathered in one tribe.. not a group to underestimate
Opponents defeated: 10/10 --> Nothing to say.. rank 1 ODA.. i guess he is pretty offensive but due to his ODD being 0 we will see his power in defending i guess!!
Location: 7/10 --> Nothing to say.. his villages are not close to each other, being to his tribes front line.. won't be easy defending without help
Farming: 8/10 --> Didn't touch plunderer 4 yet, even though i don't know how close he is for that. Has some nice loot though and pretty sure isn't from farming but associated with his ODA!
Potential: 9/10 --> Nothing to say.. he is doing pretty good!

im ektoras27.. damn i didn't want to let it be known but eh.. im bored :p
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How can you guys not want to rate ektoras27? Hes the man and deserves to be rated :)

Ektoras27 is still the one to be rated..


I was really hoping someone else would rate you, and give a unbiased opinion. But I shall try my best. ;)

Points: 10/10- Current rank #5 in the world expected to stay up there for a while
Tribe: 10/10- #1 ranked tribe, lots of past world winners.
Opponents defeated: 8/10- Nice ODA rank 26. No ODD some ODS. Need someone to test your defending skills.
Location: 7/10- Personal preference going to be lots of fighting in the core. Will be ok if you can keep up.
Farming: 6/10- 10k villages plundered + 1mil resources achievement. Rank 11 in per day villages plundered , Rank 59 in per day resources plundered. Core is a busy place, being over farmed.
Potential: 9.5/10- Past world experience and your tribe; expected to stay in the top 5.


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People, we need to keep the forum active! In the old days, players were spamming the internal forums! Wish the forums were as active now as back then. Always fun to read other than your own tribes perspectives, opinions and ideas.
So were are all members from ether, noobs , -R- and so on? Come on ladies and gentlemens, make the forums great again.


Points: 7/10 -
rank #54, i think its good for being so far out the rim.
Tribe: 10/10 - ten out of ten, thats all i can say.
Opponents defeated: 6/10 - well, for being in the rim, without any major threaths, i thinks its good. Lets hope you find someone you can throw your nuke at soon ;)
Location: 7/10 - The rim. For now, not the perfect place to be, no bigger villages to take, but there is potential. Having that advantage will profit you in the future.
Farming: 7/10 - Thought the farming would be better , but its not bad. Keep up the good work
Potential: 9/10 - I see alot of potential, based on both experience and location.



Points: 9/10 -
Tribe: 10/10 -
Opponents defeated: 9/10 -
Location: 8/10 -
Farming: 10/10 -
Potential: 10/10 -


Player: nasotm

Points: 8/10 - Awesome job man, keep taking players out!
Tribe: 8/10
Opponents defeated: 8/10 - Good personal stats, I like it!
Location: 8/10 - Decent location with good core and I bet infrastructure between villages already established and I think so far so good! .
Farming: 10/10 - I guess for my personal perspective you are doing great job farming!
Potential: 10/10 - The sky is the limit!



8/10 - rank 32
Tribe: 10/10 - duh
Opponents defeated 5/10: lower than mine and i haven't done much. not many have.
Location: 10/10 - Should be alot of growth potential.
Farming: 1/10 - 83.655 in a day.
Potential: 5/10 - Needs to farm to have potential, premium will only go so far.