Rate the player above


Rate the player above. Everyone knows what to do.

For you who dont :

- Dont get off-topic
- Dont discuss anything about others ratings. The only thing to do in this topic, is to rate the player above, and ofcourse, follow and read other ratings. After your first rating, wait to atleast 5-10 players have been rated before you do it again.

Example of how an rating should look like :

Player- Mistadobalina

Points: 9,5/10 -->
Rank 31, good and steady growth. Lets hope you have troops matching your points ;)
Tribe: 5/10 --> Rank 40, only a few good players and i cant see any potential other than them.
Location: 3/10 --> Too many tribe mates around you, not very much space to grow in
Farming: 6/10 --> Very good farming
Potential: 7/10 --> I see some potential, but only time can tell =)

Same here kawoni, throw a lock on it if it gets off- topic =)


Forgot to say i cant be rated, and the first one who replies is the one to be rated.

Nowhere the sun, is now the one to be rated :)


Reaction score
Player- Nowhere the sun

Points: 8/10 -->
Rank 9, steady growth , but only time can tell how it looks later on.
Tribe: 7/10 --> Rank 1, dont matter this early but i see alot of potential to stay in rank 1. Got some good guys in there
Location: 7/10 --> Got alot of space to grow in. Not many tribe mates around you,but am sure you can take care of yourself :)
Farming: 9/10 --> Very good farming. Lucky me your pretty far away ;p
Potential: 10/10 --> I see alot of potential. Am sure you will stay as top player here for a long time


Player- PsychoViking

Points: 2/10
Looks like you have taken a bunch of free and small villages.
Tribe: 2/10 Nothing impressive, except a few players who might be decent.
Location: 10/10 You have nice villages in all directions to noble.
Farming: 10/10 Looks like you are farming alot.
Potential: 7/10 Good farming and alot of big villages to noble.


come on guys, take one for the team so we can get this forum rolling !

-----> Billy Herrington is the one to be rated


Points: 8/10 Rank 7 , nice villages
Tribe: 9/10 Decent players but i don't know how they will work as a team .
Location: 9/10 You have a good farming area
Farming: 6/10 Bad farming from my opinion
Potential: 7/10 Good area good tribe but your farming it's low .

I am Riverripper



Points: 10/10; top 10 currently; Points - 76.325; Points per village - 5452; Good job!
Tribe: 9/10
Location: 9/10
. I would say you played smart and took villages in right places to secure your south side for your tribe, based on villages of your mates.
Farming: 10/10; Don't get where you at without mad farming skills. Good job!
Potential: 8/10; Sky is the limit only time will show what we all worth!



Points: 9,5/10
Very good 20 villages
Avarege 6500
Good job friend :)

Tribe: 9.6/10

Location: 9.8/10

Very good location.

Farming 4/10

Now not good but if you will work on it, it would be good

Potential 9/10

He would be top 10 when world finishing

I am murathan

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Reaction score

Points: 9/10 -->
Rank 3, steady growth.
Tribe: 2/10 --> No comment
Location: 5/10 --> Ok location
Farming: 10/10 --> You farm alot, very good
Potential: 6/10 --> Theres some potential




One of top dogs on the US server. I do know original owner of the account for some time now and proud to have him as enemy on this current world. No drama, no lies, just pure TW skills. Appreciate game experience bud and of course best of luck.