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Discussion in 'World 36' started by PsychoViking, Oct 5, 2018.

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  1. PsychoViking

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    Jan 19, 2017
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    Hello everyone.

    Time for another ranking thread, i know yall love those.

    Rank the player above, most of you know what its about, for you who doesnt :

    You should rate the player who posted latest with a scale of 1-10 and ideal would be to leave a comment after each.



    Depending on how active this forum will be, wait atleast 5 posts or so before you post again .

    The first person who post in this thread is the first one to be rated.

    Have fun :)
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  2. Tribal Wars Gods

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    May 23, 2010
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    Points-8/10, top 20, but he has the potential to get to top 3, had less pp than most of the people above him in rank, that's why he's a bit behind in points, but will get to the rank he deserves soon.
    ODA-6/10, low ODA, but because of his low ODA he probably had a good amount of nukes ready to do damage
    Position-8/10-Good farming area, but not a lot of good noble targets.Depending on how Rebab and uDie play with each other, that might change.
    Tribe-10/10, doubled rank 1 so can't rate it under 10.
    Overall-32/40, looking at his constant farming I can say he has the potential to reach 35+/40, what keeps him low is his ODA which is not necessarily his fault, maybe his targets just didn't have a lot of defense, but overall great player and besides outkast and tomaraya he is the best farmer in this world(with a little boost from a pretty inactive area in terms of farming).I would not be surprised if psycho reached top 3 in the next month, but it will definitely be a big challenge for him as his area isn't the best for expansion with blowguner blocking him in the north and uDie in the east.
  3. Legs in Obtuse Angle

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    Mar 21, 2012
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    Tribal Wars Gods

    Points:8/10: half as many villages as top 2, so only natural that he has half as many points. Likely spent quite a few less PP as well so can't fault him on this. Likely to grow a bit slower now since there aren't too many targets in close proximity.

    ODA:8/10: Good numbers, not sure of what has been going on down in the southwest but seems there has been a little bit of back and forth down there to produce some decent ODA and then also some ODD in return.

    Position:6/10: Decent farming area, but with a lot of competition. Once again I repeat that likely not a lot of noble targets in the immediate vicinity. Will have to stretch out quite a bit more soon.

    Tribe:10/10: Members are good, though most spent a few too many PP ;) The spread around the center is pretty nice though. Will be hard for those on edge of world to get deeper in without a full collapse from all sides.

    Overall:32/40: There are very few things to find to critique for this player other than the fact that the pure luck of where other player villages landed around him was kind of unlucky. Of course it would have been even more unlucky if all those bot accounts didn't turn barb like we were expecting due to the "rules" on multiple accounts pointed out by admins ;)

    Player to rate: Eat Sleep Farm Repeat
  4. Under The Influence

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    Mar 13, 2015
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    Player: Eat Sleep Farm Repeat


    Right around the area most players who don’t spend a lot of pp should be. Shows you are active and have been growing at a steady pace. The fact you haven’t nobled any barbs yet is great, and plays a part in why I rated this at an 8.


    You have a good amount of ODS but your ODA isn’t the best. Appears about 1/3 of your conquers have been internals/gifted so that’s a contributing factor to your low ODA


    You’re in a tough spot on the map. Being stuck inbetween low morale rim targets and Rehab players is goin to make it very difficult to grow. Also being so close to Psycho isn’t good for your farming.


    You have a few good players that I’m familiar with but for the most part I’m unfamiliar with most your tribe mates. Rank 4th right now but I can easily see this tribe taking the rank 2 spot soon. This rating is mostly based off the size of your tribe. While you may be the underdog I see potential.

    Overall: 24/40

    I think there is a lot potential here and is definitely someone to watch as the world progresses.

    Co-Playing on Mitchel11
  5. natural perfection.

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    Feb 20, 2016
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    Points: 7,5/10 - Rank20, decent place. Hard to give a grade for this because depending on the amount of pp spent it can be either a really solid rank or just an average rank... growth rank according to TWstats is #15 so overall it's pretty nice

    OD: 8,5/10 - Good ODA ranking (rank 15) even though your location is far in the rim

    Position: 8/10 - Backline, so you have an amazing farm area but no front at all, which is the only downside. If you are able to get some front as well I would even give a higher grade.

    Tribe:10/10 - Not much to explain, rank1 tribe with basically only .US players that have proven themselves multiple times on earlier worlds

    Overall:9/10 - Unlike the people above, I will use this "overall" rating as an extra option to rate his account, since I feel like some things are missing (farming stats, reputation etc.) He is at #7 of most looted in a day, which is really solid for a rank 20 player (even though his area is amazing). Besides that, his reputation (#1 from W29) is also good. For these factors I will give him a nice grade ^^

    Total: 43/50

    Sorry that I had to be different again:oops:

    Rate: Peacepoacher