Scavenging Guide


Just something little I threw together here on w40. I’m not sure if will be much use to many. Here it is.

Defense Villages

Each tear below will come out to be around 1,250 each resource and take about 4:08 hours. So take 1,250 x 4 = 5,000 each iron,clay,wood every 4:08 hours.

Also the nice thing about scavenging with each tier is, you don’t have to use these troop counts. Say you only have enough troops to do half that amount. Well simple half each tiers troop count and the times and resources will stay the same. What you do to one tier you have to do to the others.

Example: I have enough to do only half the counts below so I go with...
1: 750 2: 300 3: 150 4: 100
Doing this above will keep all tiers even and take the same amount of time.

Tier 4: 200 Spears
Tier 3: 300 Spears
Tier 2: 600 Spears
Tier 1: 1500 Spears

I also forgot to mention, if you use Heavy Calvary in your full defense villas, those would be what you farm with.

Edit: I still have not found the best way to scavenge with offensive villas, but when I do, I promise it will be posted.

okay finally, I was searching to hard only to find out it was right there the whole time.

So scavenging for OFFENSEIVE VILLAGES.

I use all axes to scavenge because LC, they carry more but they also take more time to complete the scavenging run, therefore they are useless for scav, but also LC is better for farming anyways.

Now with this being said I have the numbers for axes just like above with spears.

Tier 4: 200 axe
Tier 3: 300 axe
Tier 2: 600 axe
Tier 1: 1500 axe

As you can see from the numbers its the same as deffensive villages. Hence why i said, i didnt know it was that easy.

Once your in a good spot this should be sorta what your incomes look like. If not even better(I was low on troops).

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