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This event is probably one of the lower tier events that Tribalwars has offered and is surprising in that it doesn't seem to rewards premium players similar to what other events offer. Events are generally designed in Tribalwars' best interest in accruing revenue but my assumption is that Premium Players will not be spending much on this event due to ridiculous costs per item (Expressed in Part 4).

Part 1: The Basics

The odds in this picture are shown below the reward image (red). If an item specifies a certain bonus, it will be shown next to the reward text (blue). It appears that some players may have been confused on this in the feedback discussion on multiple servers.

The event is 14 days long and offers a unique daily item for each day of the event.

If you click on the ? in the daily special box, you will be shown the rewards provided for each given day.

Rewards are as follows:
Event Day
Item Description
Good Connections
Permanently increase storage capacity and merchants by 25% at the current village

May only be used once per village.

Enhanced Engineering
Permanently increase recruitment speed in the Workshop by 10% at the current village

May only be used once per village.

Solid Bricks
Permanently increase the clay production of the current village by 10%

May only be used once per village.

Flag Booster
Double the effectiveness of the current flag. Changing the flag ends the boost. Cannot be used on flags of type: Population capacity.

Reward duration: 48:00:00

Applies to: One village

Improved Saddles
Permanently increase recruitment speed in the Stable by 10% at the current village

May only be used once per village.

Improved Mine Carts
Permanently increase the iron production of the current village by 10%

May only be used once per village.

Instantly upgrades your Academy by one level at no cost. Your village must not have any upgrades for the Academy queued.

Weapon Master
Permanently increase recruitment speed in the Barracks by 10% at the current village

May only be used once per village.

Sharpened Tools
Permanently increase the wood production of the current village by 10%

May only be used once per village.

Flamboyant Speech
For every Nobleman produced while this item is active, you receive a resource package item worth 50% of the production costs of the unit. This item can be redeemed in any village.

50% refund on Nobleman production

Duration: 24:00:00

Applies to: All villages

Medium War Chest
Gain a number of gold coins in the Academy equal to 50% of the number of villages you own when you use this item.

Current gain: 5 gold coins

Effective Workers
Permanently increase wood, clay, and iron production of the current village by 3%

May only be used once per village.

War Footing
-10% resource production
All recruitment speeds are 25% faster!

Duration: 48:00:00

Applies to: All villages

Resource package (10%)
Adds 10% of your Warehouse capacity in resources to all of your villages.

Each day you will receive up to 100 explorers to use to help a captain navigate an island and you'll be given a reward (Hover the captain for potential rewards) for doing so.

There are 20 islands to explore and once all are explored, you will receive a grand prize from the awards granted.

To reroll your potential grand prize reward, it will cost you 100 premium. A second reroll will cost 200 premium, third is 300 etc.
A reroll does NOT give you the reward, just the opportunity to receive to reward.

Crew members cost 3 premium for member, or 30 per 10, 120 for 40, 180 for 60. There is no benefit for buying crew members in bulk. Prices of crew members will NOT increase with further purchases.

Part 2: What To Expect

This event lasts 14 days, so you will have a long time to acquire crew members and tons of rewards.

The best/easiest ways to recruit crew members are by spending resources. I SUGGEST you either build+demolish rally point, or just spam your barracks by recruiting 1 spear fighter. You can cancel the recruitment of these spear fighters, but you'll still receive the crew members.

With this method, you will receive 1,400 crew members in addition to an unspecified amount of crew members from ingame quests (I assume ~200).

The average exploration costs about ~40 crew members and on average you can receive about 2 islands explored per 50 crew members (Just an estimate. Some explorations are 1 island for 30 crew members, 2 island for 45 crew members, 1 island for 51 crew members, 3 island for 60 crew members)

Here's math to show you what you should expect if you go about this event COMPLETELY Free-To-Play and receive 1,600 crew members.

You should expect to receive around 40 items from this event and explore about 64 islands. However, if you prioritize low cost explorations, you can receive upwards of 50 items but may also have less islands explored. You will receive about 3 Grand Prizes.

What do do with this information

In part 1, I had highlighted what daily items are most important.

These items occur on Day 4 (Flag Booster) and Day 14 (Warehouse 10%)

I also italicized war footing (Day 13) as it's quite a decent item, but not a major priority. It can be substituted if you have a surplus of resources and coins already.

Day 4 Preparation

If you don't spend ANY of your explorers, you should have about 400-500 explorers by day 4 for the Flag Booster. This offers about 11 chances to receive the flag booster reward.

The Daily Reward has either a 5%/10% chance of being received based upon the captain offering the items. I suggest you check whether the odds are 5% or 10% and prioritize the 10% captains as the odds are heavily in your favor to receive at least 1 flag boost with 11 attempts.

I would spend ALL possible explorers on Day 4 as you will have 10 more days to build up explorers for day 14 to attempt the 10% warehouse packages. I personally hate to see that the rewards are so pitiful but with 10% warehouse you can at least gain some momentum for growth with level 30 warehouses.

Day 14 Preparation

If you maintain your self-composure and don't splurge on random explorations until day 14, you will have 10 days worth of explorers built up in addition to extra explorers generated through the quest system.

This will result in ~1100-1200 explorers by day 14 for the warehouse 10% item. This will offer you about 30 chances to receive the warehouse 10% reward. If you make sure to choose the captain with 10% odds of receiving the warehouse reward, expect to receive about 3 of these.

In addition, some of the random rewards also offer warehouse 5%, warehouse 10% and a Nobles Decree item. If you receive the noble decree item, this will additively stack with the flag doubler and make coins cost even less.

Expect to receive about 75% warehouse bonus in total through the free-to-play route. (30% from Day 14, 15% from random explorations, 30% from 3/6 chance at the Grand Prize) If you want to reroll for the grand prize (instead of the garbage 'Privilege' item that everyone starts with), there are some nice additional items to acquire.

Part 3: What to do with your bonuses

Based on the expectation that you have about 75% warehouse bonus, you now have the option to manipulate this item to your advantage.

75% warehouse equates to 300,000 300,000 300,000 resources on a full warehouse in each village of yours. Assuming you received the Nobles Decree item at least once in your ~40 explorations, you will have a -10% coin costs in addition to a flag doubler.

Operating on the assumption that you have a modest 20% Dark Blue -% Coin Costs flag, you will have 40% -% Coin Costs with the Flag Doubler.

With the Nobles Decree, you will have a total of 50% -Coins Costs.

Coins will now cost 14,000 15,000 12,500 per coin minted per village.

If you have 1 village you will be able to mint about 20 coins. This is equivalent to 6 nobles minted (Assuming you haven't produced any nobles yet)

If you have 10 villages you will be able to mint about 200 coins. This is equivalent to 12 nobles minted
(Assuming you don't have any nobles made after nobling 10 villages)

This event will help provide a major head start in the early game, and in the late game it will provide strong sustenance and will increasingly scale with your amount of nobles to be produced. It will be tougher for you to consistently redirect resources to a centralized village (in 24 hours with Nobles Decree/Flag Doubler) once you have passed 10-20 villages so be cautious when using this method.

Part IV in next post


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Part IV Premium Usage

While this event does offer quite a decent opportunity for non-premium users (Can average about 75% WH with consistent chance for Nobles Decree & Flag Booster), this effect truly seems to have lacked sustenance when it comes to offering value for premium users.

First: Normal Rewards

The average (Lower End) exploration costs about 40 Crew Members.

40 Crew members cost 120 premium points.

Each exploration will cost you about 120 premium points. 80% of the time, the rewards will be items that are situationally useful and have no valuable impact on the game. In 20% of circumstances, the rewards are useful, but still not POWERFUL.

Examples of useful rewards:

Daily Rewards (5-10% Odds)
Nobles Decree (15%)
Warehouse 10% - From normal reward/Non-Daily (15% Odds)

Some alright items like "Recruiter" are offered at 40%, but still don't have a general high-speed growth impact but rather a 10% recruitment over 24 hours which doesn't have much long-term impact.

However, if you're desperate for "Catapult booster", "Offensive Scout Booster", "Academy Edict (Increases noble recruit time by 15%)", "Construction Booster" then this event is PERFECT for you because these random tier-1 daily bonus items are scattered throughout the event.

If 80% of the time you're receiving junk, that means 1/5 times you'll receive an item you actually desire. That comes out to a cost of 600 premium points for a 'decent' item. These decent items aren't even game-changing and the best one is basically warehouse 10%.

If you go for the daily warehouse 10% on day 14 and try to use premium, it will average you about 10 tries to receive that warehouse 10%. This will cost you about 1200 premium points for each warehouse 10%.

You want 100% warehouse? It will cost you ~12,000 premium points. For comparison, a normal event where you can trade in rewards for points would cost ~800-1500 Premium points for warehouse 100%

Grand Prizes

On average, it costs about 50 crew members for each 2x island exploration. This means it will cost you about 500 crew members for 20 island explorations (enough to receive a 'grand prize').

Since 1 crew member costs 3 premium (60 costs 180), you will need to spend 1,500 premium points PER Grand Prize.

In addition, Grand prizes cost premium on an increasing basis to roll for the rewards. If you don't receive a warehouse 20/30% on your first roll (100 premium), it will cost 200 premium on your SECOND ROLL.

Since EVERYONE starts out with the best prize 'Privilege' you're going to estatic to find out it'll cost you on average ~3 rolls to get a warehouse 20% or 30% item from the grand prize.

3 rolls costs (100,200,300) 600 premium so each Warehouse % grand prize will average you 2,100 premium points total.

I was personally really excited to start my first event on world 43 US Server (And I know it's the first for UK46,EN110), but I already know I'll have to wait until ~November 15th for the next event to be announced.

I will be taking my free 75% WH, Flag Booster, Nobles Decree item, but I won't be spending much premium on this event. I've spent upwards of 5,000 premium on events, but this event disgusts me and I'm not sure how tribalwars planned to effectively monetize it with such outrageous premium costs.


Any guides you'd like? You know where to hit me up. SteveTheLizard#4447 <-- This discord can also be messaged by Innogames if they want event suggestions.