Seas of Fortune June 2021

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Throughout history, the tribes have remained land-locked and focused only on the strategic possibility of mountains, forests, and foothills.
Yet, our envoys have just returned to our walls accompanied by sea-faring captains who have reached the shores with their hulking ships.
They offer to shepherd our villagers across the waters, leading a discovery expedition to new islands with the promise of riches to those who uncover the terrain.
Recruits for their crews are already gathering; it is time to take to the waters!

Brave warriors!

Welcome to a new round of "Seas of Fortune"! In "Seas of Fortune" you will discover uncharted lands to find powerful items from 6-9-2021 at 14:00 until 6-23-2021 at 14:00.
In this event, you will need to gather your best crew members by completing in-game actions of hiring them directly and choose a wise captain to lead them into the ocean and find some land to conquer!

Uncover these uncharted lands and find treasures aplenty! The bigger the ship, the more crew members it needs, but it also reveals more of the island. Uncovering an entire island will grant you a special grand prize!

Find out more about our event in our YouTube video!

We hope you enjoy the event, and as always we count on your feedback to improve the event!

Your Tribal Wars team
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