SOA. Steps up!


As mentioned already, there is little that can be done with inactives. The guy, Chris69 that lost the most villages in your op ( 35 of the 38 conquers I think), never said a word to anyone. Pretty weird, but he either sodded off, or was working with D/D.

Ike had been sat for quite a while now, and we saw little point in putting premium and time into an account whereby the owner clearly had zero interest in the world.

Of course it was a very nice op, and you can't be blamed for those two issues. But I don't think any of us at SOA. take it as the crushing defeat you seem to think it is. Anyway, the war is finally starting for D/D which is nice to see....I don't think I could have read one more "we've not started yet" post.

On a sidenote, I set up SOA.....leave me last if you like buddy. It's a game. Once all my lads are having fun and doing their best, I'm happy enough :)


Well he wasn't working with us.
I agree sometimes it's just not worth it and it's better to conserve troops for the benefit of active members. It was a little disappointing to be sure but there will be other opportunities.
Beyond that well as you say it's a game and games only work if both sides have some fun. That's why decisions should be (and in this case will) based on strategic factors not personal ones.


My better half in this games speaks with wisdom and patience :p

Either way I am excited for this war hope you all are as well.