SpeakerAktive Here!


Hey, name's Kennix 'SpeakerAktive' *Name for my youtube, twitter, soundcloud, and other things in internet* | skip that one | I am Indonesian, sorry for my bad english by the way. i live in Bandung *google it if you don't know, it's West Java, a bit too far from Jakarta* and my friends said that i am warm and kinda-friendly, but i can't feel something inside me *what??* yeah, i'm heartless....i mean i don't have emotion after i break up with my girl |okay, back to topic| nice to meet you all, i hope we can be friends forever......*alone, hhahaha, just kidding* :D | why i play in us server but actually i can play it in my own country server?, i've ever tried that server, hate so much, farming me with no mercy.......so yeah, i was 15yo that day, full of rage and hate, but now? i don't have any emotion :| so yeah, that's me, how 'bout yours? *i really sorry for my bad english.....again*