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    Champions from near and far, hear the news! The tribes of this world have come together to find the strongest, quickest and smartest champion of them all!
    Three disciplines you have to master for fame and fortune!
    So come and join the Spectaculum!


    Dear players,

    Welcome to our new event, the "Spectaculum". In this event you take control of a champion and compete in three disciplines to determine the greatest warrior of the world. Outside of the competition you will train your champion to become even better at the disciplines put before him. Successfully participating in the tournaments will yield trophies, which can be exchanged for useful rewards.

    The event will start on the May 23rd, 2017 at 14:30 and run for 15 days, ending on the June 7th, 2017 . After the event has ended the event shop will remain open for 24 hours. After that the event and all event currency earned will be removed.

    We wish you all good luck in the tournament ahead!

    Your Tribal Wars team

    The Spectaculum

    The "Spectaculum" is a world wide tournament, which will allow you to train your personal champion and have it compete in three disciplines: melee, ranged and mounted fighting. Each of which run for five days.

    Participating in these disciplines with yield you golden trophies, which can be spent in the event shop for rewards. At the end of each day the participants will also be awarded with additional trophies, according to their placement in the overall rankings.

    Your Champion


    At the start of the event you will see your champion which you will lead through the event. The champion itself has different skills which will be important for his (or her) success. For every of the three disciplines (melee, ranged, mounted fighting) the champion has different skills which determine his/her strength in this discipline. These skills determine the rewards a champion can get from participating in the tournaments, as well the place in the overall rankings.

    While everybody starts with the same skills, it is important to find out which skills are more important for which discipline. But keep in mind that these skills are only used as long as the discipline lasts. For the next discipline three different skills will take their place.

    Training your Champion

    To improve your champion's success in the event you need to train him/her properly for the discipline ahead. To improve the skills you have to select a specific training ground to train your champion. Each training session lasts for four hours. While the champion can participate in the tournament while he is training, the skill bonus for the ongoing training will only be added after the training session has finished.

    Each training ground will boost all three active skills for a specific amount but some more than others. Once you select a training ground from the event screen you will get an overview on the skill bonuses your champion will receive.

    To avoid not being able to make use of the last training session the training grounds will close a few hours before the currently active discipline ends.

    Winning Trophies

    To participate in the current discipline simply select the "Compete" option in the event screen. The champion will instantly be rewarded with a certain amount of trophies, as well as placed in the daily rankings. Please remember that your champion needs to participate in the tournament at least once per day to be able to get a reward from the rankings.

    There are also two questlines during the event, which will yield additional trophies. Once requires you to train your champion, while the other depends on your placement in the daily rankings.

    The trophies your champion has earned can then be exchanged in the event shop for valuable rewards. Take a look!

    We hope you enjoy our event and wish you and your champion good luck in the tournament!
    We are also looking forward to your feedback, which you can provide in this thread.
    Your Tribal Wars Team
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