Hello, just a couple suggestions.

First, I think supporting players should get an ODD boost when their troops are helping defend another village. I really began to realize this when in a war, and I had been supporting other tribe mates. Their villages kept getting attacked, and I was losing troops, but my ODD wouldn't go up. I think that when a village is attacked, both the defending player and the supporting player(s) should get an ODD increase. My ODD is low, at about 900, because, it wouldn't be affective for me to clear anybody with defensive troops, and nobody has attacked me. Adding this would really help my OD and others OD in general.

Second, and completely unrelated, is intertribal paladin weapon trading. This is probably a less feasible suggestion but I still want to pitch the idea. I think intertribal paladin weapon trading may be a useful addition to gameplay. It would be like flag trading in flag worlds, but at the statue an with paladin weapons. This feature would be most useful at the beginning of a world. Take me for example. At the beginning, of world 14 on I got the battle ax. That weapon isn't helpful to me because I'm a defensive player and I only had the 10 axes I had from completing a quest. So lets say, another tribemate is offensive and has mostly axes and LC, but instead he gets the long sword. I think it would be cool to have us be able to swap weapons.

Thank you for reading this.


I would like to see a speed world that combined the speed world and casual world together. I want it were you can conquer barbarian villas in a speed world. I want it were you dont have to have a certain amount of men to attack a player. Overall, I would like to see a speed and casual world combined and make one world. Basically having your normal tw but 120 times faster time. These are some ideas I have and would love to see.



Here are some suggestions for all worlds and all servers, maybe on their next change log updates.

1 - Update columns in "Production" to have all columns available for ascending / descending. Reasoning - Many of the columns can be sorted but the resources column is not; therefore, one must search for a full capacity resource area.

2 - When opening village groups tab off of the main village screen and then going to market the target window and the village group tab are not synchronized for village coordinates. Reasoning - A player having to search for what village they were looking for to deliver recourses to.

3 - When a village has a full farm and the Wood, Clay and Iron are maxed out the surrounding villages within a 30 X 30 should have an automated available merchant delivery to those needed villages with a window confirming the automated send. Reasoning - Script requirements for balancing has been generated; therefore, a lacking availability to the game feature.

4 - When opening any viewable screen for one’s villages, have the village coordinates be able to be ascending / descending. Reasoning is to allow viewable villages near or at the surrounding villages.

5 - When in one’s inventory, gifting of items to share across tribe mates. Reasoning - Available inventory to share with other tribe members increases potential tribe success.

Thank you for your consideration of these suggestions,