T-Train Guide


-Credit to kafs of .net

This is a guide to sending 150ms trains every time. This method requires opera, but is perfectly legal and very useful.


1) On your browser, go to Tools, then Preferences
2) Go into Advanced, and click on Shortcuts
3) Single click on Opera standard in the Keyboard setup box and duplicate it
4) Rename this new setup "T train"
5) Now single click it and go to edit
6) Click Application and then New
7) In the box that shows up type the letter "t" (use the letter T as there isnt a shortcut that uses this key)
8) Now double click next to this in the blank space and type this EXACT text that is in bold:
Click button&Switch to next page
9) Now click "OK" and it will take you back to the advanced section
10) Make sure that your keyboard setup is highlighted by clicking it and click "OK".

Sending the trains:

Now that your opera is configured for the "T-Train", you only need to follow these last steps:

Step 1: Open your tab (not that hard huh?). To gain time I usually open them from the target village overview (instead of entering coords for each tab, I open the tab as "Send troops from village" so I gain a few seconds, but that's me, you can do as you wish.)


Step 2: Enter your troops and noble in each tab. Then highlight your "OK Button

Step 3: Launching – It’s recommended to open 2 tabs before your noble one, just to let time for opera speed up, and to send your train fast as possible. To send, simply go to the first tab, and hold 'T'. If you configured your Opera as mentioned above, you should be able to send your train in 150 ms-200 ms depending on whether you send a 4 or 5 noble train.

Side note: It sometimes, or often (depending on your computer/net connection) messes up your tab order, so my tips on that are:

-If it is a planned OP with timed nukes in front, there is no need to have a full nuke to hit first, so just send the train and this will make it harder to snipe with few hundred troops if the tab order gets messed up.

-If it's only a random train with no timed nukes in front, or the nukes will only be timed after you launch the train, then you’re free to cancel that train until you catch the order you wish to have, and then time the nukes accordingly.

-Some say that you can avoid having the tab order messed up as often if you send 1 of each troop type with the other nobles, in addition to the first. For example, send the entire nuke with the first noble, but leave 300 axes free (or however many troops you use to accompany the other nobles) out of that nuke, as well as three of each other unit type (such as 1 LC and 1 ram), and send 1 of these units with the other nobles as well. This is untested, but it may be worth trying.


This is the way i do it :D i think this is the guide i used to set mine up :D its good :)


Very good guide. He should have included a download link for the last version of opera that allows the user to actually enter the correct data. The newest versions block it.

Also, he missed the "enable shortcuts" box. It needs to be checked too.

To download and install the version needed to do t train, click the link :)
Version 12.17 (the last version with access to the adjustments)

Lastly, there are several you tube video's now available.. watch these if you need to.
You Tube 1
You Tube 2
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so now that opera 12.16 won't be supported, any other options for t-trains?