Thanksgiving attack break Returns!! 2023


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Dear Community.

We are happy to announce the return of our Thanksgiving attack break for 2023. Below are the dates and times for the Thanksgiving attack break 2023. The times are approximate and may vary slightly (usually only a minute or two). Please keep this in mind when sending your attacks.

Starting 11-22-2023

11-22-2023 at approx. 12:00 server time you will be unable to send troops until 11-24-2023 at approx. 18:00 server time.

Actual peace time, which means attacks will do no harm, will start at 11-23-2023 at approx. 00:00 until 11-24-2023 at approx 23:59 server time. All attacks landing during this time will be visits.

You can discuss the topic HERE.

We hope that you all take this time to enjoy family and friends. We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Your Tribal Wars Team