The Elusive Premium Exchange Resource Drops (Dominate the Market!)


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This one was inspired by a player who thought our .US tribe what cheating because they saw 2500 of each resource on the market at once and thought we were having alternate accounts drop resources for us.

I must make it clear that I know most pro players will understand this guide/informative, but there are still MANY players who are unaware.

Here we go...

In addition to Tribalwars leaving 25,000 of each resource in the market upon the world start, there are resource drops in the premium exchange provided by tribalwars... not just players.

These resources drops occur at 150-180 minute intervals on a random timeline.

These resources are equal to 5% (1/20th) of the current market capacity in a given continent and occur in
EVERY CONTINENT at the same exact time.

What does this mean?

If there is currently a market capacity of 53500 Wood, 52500 clay and 54000 iron, the tribalwars market will drop 2675 wood, 2625 clay, 2700 iron in the premium exchange. This will happen every 2.5-3 hours or every 150-180 minutes.

This results in up to 9 resource drops PER DAY and on the first few days will result in 18,000+ of each resource being flooded into the market that isn't through the playerbase... You can do a LOT with 18,000 of each resource in the first few days of the world.

On US43 I have tracked every resource drop for the first 2 days as well.

While the hours and minutes seem to vary, it seems that resource drops occur on the same exact second on the world, every day. My initial calculations of the seconds were diluted due to human error and not knowing the exact seconds of the resource drops so I wasn't timing it perfectly.

On US43, the second timer is on 00:00:20 every time.

I also play UK46 for premium... The second time is on 00:00:40 every time.

It varies based on world, and since I do not play .net, I do not know the times on that server.

Another fun fact is that at midnight, the timer resets and you can have a drop as soon as 00:01:00 irregardless of the previous resource drop and the 150-180 minute drop frame is ignored.

While you can receive 25,000 of each resource at world start, understanding Tribalwars random drops is very important as the cumulative effect stacks and adds up to much more resources over time.

If you're seeing players grow at a significantly faster rate, this does not necessarily mean they are cheating but rather taking full advantage of the random resource drops provided by Tribalwars on a constant basis.

If you have any other questions or would like a guide published, contact me on Skype: Sustephen123 or Discord SteveTheLizard#4447 and I'd be more than happy to help you out.

A player also asked my why I'm releasing this information and guides as it undermines my own growth. My response is that with more players quitting tribalwars and more noob players filling their places, it seems there is a lack of competition. Turning these 'noobs' into players with knowledge and offering them ways to improve their skillset is what vastly contributes to the game and makes it more fun.

I'd rather play with players who understand the game rather than players who are struggling because nobody is willing to help them.

Hope you enjoy this one!