The END of theEND


There you go again, twisting words. I said GW could have been YOUR targets, but you decided to merge with them, which then effectively made us your targets... Get the gist... or are looking for ways to twist what I'm saying?

No I'm going from YOUR words

You took in potential targets of theEnd (GW to start with)
I really don't see how that can be twisted.
As you can see Richi understood the same thing I did.


Its a bit late now to still be decideing if this war is right or wrong...
short version is, the merge put villages in our K in your tribe, that annoyed all of us, As it would anyone,. So we are now at war.

Ah NO. you guys were NAP with [GW] therefore they were never your targets. Unless you were planning on dropping the NAP and fighting them, then in which case would be exactly what happen with you guys and ___ Pot called the kettle black much?

Thank you.

We are not the ones crying about anything. we are the ones that took action.
I informed your leader that the NAP was Off, We decleared war, the only ones that are ( in your words ) 'crying' are then ones that keep on at us to justify everything all the time, while trying to point out that we didn't have to fight, and could have just been friends and got a long peacefully.... in a WAR game.
Fact is no one should care anymore as to WHY this war is on going, the main point now is that this war is on and everyone should focus on taking all the villages from everyone in the enemy tribes.

or they will do what they did to sie-, that is call backstabbing.


OMG-Stop with your crying all of you! here it is in a nutshell there was a NAP with theEND they did something I personally really did not approve of and neither did our tribe. So we spoke to the leader he did not want to give in to our demands and we could not forgive his actions so We Declared War. Simple as to no time to prepare-Please Please tell me Is there really such thing. Why would I want to give an enemy time to get ready for me, that is just stupid. Also I am tired of hearing about your crappy players! If you are all so crappy QUIT! I heard that super size this was suppose to be a good player and he might be but he got beat, by me! Maybe some will say luck or some will say whatever they think but the bottom line is he was online when the first attack was launched and he was unable to do anything against it.

You people are freaking blind if you do not understand 1 simple rule!

1-Always expect the unexpected

GW-HX-ART-theEND they all wanted to be all they could be and yet all most of them were failures.

And now I here all this well you were so much better and impressive when you were only 15-20 players WHO CARES, I would be a damn full not to bring in people I think can help the tribe win a world and you are all babies for crying about it. Of course no tribe is perfect there will always be spies,traitors,hiders people who want help but thats ok because if they world was perfect these forums would be pretty damn boring.

Don't be a hater because you can't handle your own business or in this case your tribe. The world is far from over so stop crying and do something about it. As far as any academy we have ever had the people who were in it got brought over here and the rest were ditched as were people in the original tribe!..There is a simple rule in our tribe help the tribe or GTFO!

pk3rz 30

So, seems a few theEND members have decided to leave and reform AZRAEL ;)
Guess some players don't like the concept of war in tribalwars, eh?


Why war when you can noble barbs? It has got me this far, might as well keep going... They only seem to attack with 1 Spear anyway..


Of course no tribe is perfect there will always be spies,traitors,hiders people who want help but thats ok because if they world was perfect these forums would be pretty damn boring.
OMG mate i know the exception to that rule

Tribe rank 19 not bad for two players Average points per player is the 5th highest with 24.687.

On topic The END of theEND I for one hope this is not the end for them as some canny people in the tribe. We all know who looks like they might win the world but this is tw a game that can and will be affected by real life some of you might have lost the concept of real life but what would happen if brandonlemons1981 or one of the other big accounts lost inter net connection for 2 weeks if theEND spot this it could change the hole world. #justsaying


No one would notice of Brandon wet grey :D

And yay FREE my 2nd fravite tribe on w7

Back on topic. Well done theEND hasn't disbanded. I have to salute to that at least.


Its slowing down but still one sided

Side 1:
Tribes: __
Side 2:
Tribes: theEND

Timeframe: Last 24 hours

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 3
Side 2: 0
Difference: 3

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 14,498
Side 2: 0
Difference: 14,498



Yea it was bound to happen... Moving to the front as I'm writing this... I'll be in there back yards by Sundown :D


theEND now on 11 members as lots have jumped ship and hiding out in small tribes. War affects tribes in more than one way its not always lost by loosing the fight some time its the deserters that make there tribe die.
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Ich bin Horror

Lol i guess not only TheEnd will fall, i think ___ will take down NCLN sooner or later.


Ich bin Horror it would help if the existed mate theEND are done all members that did not quit are in Bubble bubble imo need more players if they are to win or they need __ to disband / mass delete to win w7.

If this dose not happen and __ stay together as a tribe they win the world really is that simple.

Ich bin Horror

NAAAAA they will all try beating my acc, then the other players ruin them:D