theEND and ___


I figured it would be nice to see just how ever these two dominating tribes are now, that the merge of Azrael into theEND has finally taken place.

Side 1:
Tribes: __
Side 2:
Tribes: theEND, Prove.

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers:

Side 1: 345
Side 2: 346
Difference: 1

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 7
Side 2: 2
Difference: 5

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 1,382,746
Side 2: 947,754
Difference: 434,992

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 30,861
Side 2: 10,622
Difference: 20,239

for me it seems the two are very simular and match each other very evenly.


Both doing a great job, keep up the good work and lets noble less from eachother and fight it out in the end or some other alternative.


yeah we won't know how things are in the end
LoL, yeah! its in theEND... so its true that u dont know how things are there... ;) :) If u know what I mean..


Finally something exciting happening on this world *grabs popcorn*



Why is that ?
Stack stack everyone !!
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Hmm----LOTD again or a nice war with plenty of ODA........I choose war! It is a shame, but thats what happens when one tribe tries to corner us in by recruiting mass player in OUR AREA! Don't worry __ we will be victorious and if you are ever in doubt just remember WWCND-( What Would Chuck Norris Do) LOL


Rank Name Defeated
1 Obseleet? [__] 528.819
2 brandonlemons1981 [__] 514.654


I use to play .net as -hellbound- but have since switched to .us as I have come to call this server home sweet home...

I have done the same thing and really enjoy the smaller worlds here a lot. Taking 4 years to win a world sucks :eek:


lol,___ declares on theEND,what a joke--ask us for nap when tribes were going to attack them ,then wait for theEND to be in war with two tribes before dropping nap and declaringwar on us --Brave bunch,i must say.Now lets here the BS from there side ,this should be amusing since everyone in here knows how deceitful they are,lol.. they have "OBSOLETELY NO HONOR"" lmao have to give them a little credit ,i thought they would wait until we were at war with 4 tribes before they declared:)


Well you did merge our enemies into you so you brought this on your self good luck you will need it =p


Enemies.... thats a new one mate, we (Azrael) and ___ never crossed swords.

It is simply another ___ attempt at finding an excuse for nobling vills belonging to a tribe they allegedly have a nap with...

(he took one of my farms so now i take all his villages...(hmmm check your nobled vills before commenting on nobling in an area) Or he attacked the village i just nobled now i take all his knew he had a noble train on route lol we were internalizing an inactive and the kid who was taking it sent 3 nobles somehow you managed to know to send only 1, while his last noble was on-route you took the village, how the hell could he avoid that?)

this is only a game mate, so lets just play it instead of hiding behind a load of horses
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Well you did merge our enemies into you so you brought this on your self good luck you will need it =p

your enemies?? you mean Azrael ?when did they become enemies? when we merged with them ?lol, your pissed because they didn't merge with you . And the "WE WILL NEED IT" part ,you sound so sure of yourself,is that why you had NCLN join the war with you??Another BRAVE move for _____. lol hey ,there are 4 guys left in Sie Aq ,better have them join war too ,just in case.