Top 10 tribes

bidam veer

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~VOID~ -white

Top tribes on w48...only 5 tribes to mention,the rest doesn't really count for something(maybe for growing villages:)))
I have no idea about any diplomacy,but it can be only one tribe winner.sooner or later,the best tribes will have to fight each other(or merge-from what i remember,that was the best fight on us server few years ago:))

ESCR-best position on map.they almost control half of the map(except the NW).great case of a big war,they have the advantage.
BLACKD-first tribe,but the map are not so great for them.2 tribes that can be a pain in their ass.they need to something about it(unless they already did it):p
~VOID~ -they should grow their villages for ESCR normally.but anything can change and they can play a major role in the future
SIMPS and NO*AFK-both tribes are on the BLACKD side of map.BLACKD,SIMPS and NO*AFK diplomacy will play a huge role in the future

5 tribes to mention,2 that really count on map and 3 tribes that can do something notable.VOID not so much(no offense) but the other 2 (SIMPS and NO*AFK) will be part of the history of w48.the rest of tribes-good luck in growing villages(no offence):))