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Im not Crazy Henkie.

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ok update for me :)

1: I LaVa I -->
Insanely ahead of the rest, insane position on the map... will definitely be on top of this world for a while. Farming could be way better though, with 30 villages close to 10mil/day should be doable IMO

2: Outk45t --> Really good growth & nice farming. Dont know the guy though... I though he was the "other" outkast from US server but apparently not ^^

3: Kenshin --> Really active player, and I believe he can def pretty well :)

4: Raj Terror --> Insane location as well, and good farming

5: The mountian --> Hmm I under estimated this guy at the start of the world... thought it was a premium noob but he is still doing well, I saw some good attacks coming from him & he deffed decently as well

Might not be the "best" players of this world, but these are definitely accounts with a lot of potential looking at activity, skill & area


3-Pancho Villa
5-Kenshin ;)