Top 5... Point Whores lol


Adakman 12074
Adam5587 11957
Lord Shoemaker 11948
tlm964 11764
KillerMachine 11751

way to go 2"HARD lol


ODA for said players. Not a fan of pimping out my village, but these players are no slouches and have talent. World is over. Guess this is the way they want to finish. Whatever.

Rank Name Defeated
1 Adam5587 [2HARD] 146,21 Mil
2 tlm964<3<3<3 [2HARD] 126,27 Mil
4 Adakman [2HARD] 108,78 Mil
12 KillerMachine [2HARD] 55,42 Mil
17 Lord Shoemaker [2HARD] 48,55 Mil

pk3rz n' ice cold :D Sorry this is all I could think about after I posted.
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