Top 5 Tribes


I wonder, what good is that top now with 400/500 points? Each of us to see that game.


Good game to all ^^


Let me start by saying I hate top 5's doesn't leave room for others this early in the game so I am putting my thoughts on a couple outside the top 10 as well as some in them. With that please take my observations lightly as I have really no contact or true insight to what any of you are doing.

RankTribe namePoints of the best 40 playersTotal pointsMembersAverage points per playerVillagesAverage points per village


OD Tribes (Total):
RankTribe nameDefeated
1We Are Reptilians15.214
2Slavic Empire14.840
3Go Pound Sand!13.399
5We Are Strong Aggressive Killers12.684
6Villages Id like to.. Farm12.635
7Memento Mori12.513
10To Be Announced6.804


Wasn't trying to point my tribe out with the highlights, that's just how it copied over...

Outside top 10 movers and shakers:
W.A.R - Gotta say even though W.A.R isn't in the top 10(currently ranked 30) they sure are acting like a top tribe and just smacking everything and anything in site to clear out their areas. /tips hat to their ODA and total OD. Keep up the good work fellas ;)

Zero_O - has the best average point totals with their 18 members, would be nice if some of the other tribes would take their example and flush some of the mush down the toilet and trim the fat.

Within the top 10:
- Slavs have some decent players, personally I don't like taking my tribe to the top spot right away as it puts a target on your back. That and I'm not a fan of a top tribe rocking an academy they call an independent tribe that = family /huggies

- THC not much different to say than what I wrote about Slavs minus the family status, the only difference is they are ranked 9th in ODA and total OD, not sure why they are avoiding contact as it is a contact sport /love the my little ponies on their profile

- MM would probably be good for them to shed their bottom 5 and just go with a strong core(side note, if you are teaching guys how to play on the fly I would stick with what you have), currently ranked 3rd but then again ranked 7th total OD /hermm

- WASAK like MM would be good to see them shed 5 players or so get a stronger core(side note if you are teaching guys how to play on the fly I would stick with what you have). Only difference is they like contact more so than THC and MM looks like these guys like to attack and defend /kudos

- ARMADA self proclaimed family tribe, it's never good when your ODA rank 33 is less than your ODD 14, tells me you guys are getting smashed by everyone and just taking it. Ranked 24 total OD, won't last long IMHO /whipping boy /huggies

- SLOVAK dislike their average points, pretty much due to the fact everyone is attacking them with their Rank 1 ODD. Will say this, if they can continue to grow while dealing with the attacks they could prove to be a tough bunch. /holding my vote

- Nation avoiding contact with a ODA rank 21 and OD total of 27, leaving potential enemies in your 15x15 is a bad policy /look up the word domination, just sayin ;)

- TBA doing their job as far as ODA rank 10... could be better, but is on par for what they are doing. Not really taking to many hits on ODD so are on pace to maintain top 10 footing. Have a couple strong players, will depend on their leadership at this point. /getting there

- *gPs* what can I say, for having the least amount of players on our team in the top 10 we are sitting pretty good. Not too worried about rank right now as we are more concerned with the board hence our ODA rank 3. /biased

- OMEGA looks like they just jumped to rank 8 on the board as I was typing this, went from 39 members to 40. Personally I would remove my leadership list from the profile page as that is a target list, but thats the ex-military in me dealing with Operational Security. With that another family tribe.... /huggies

The top 5 will eventually change as they always do. I like seeing those handful of tribes (outside the top 10) sticking to quality vs. quantity, you know who you are, keep at it ;)


So shake a little, shake a little, shake a little shaker,
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And you sing a strum
And then there's a calypso for you.


I'm Liking my VILFS! right now. We still have quite a long ways to go to prove we are a top tribe though, lots of minor threats around but if we overcome them we can become a contender.


Position Name Points Member Count

1 ARMADA 36.364 39
2 ~SL~ 35.999 40
3 MM 34.868 40
4 ZerO.O 33.606 24
5 VILFS! 33.125 27


A recent merge with the tribe GOD has made them get to rank one and lets them have a strong point lead on k54. They will survive for a while but a few downsides are they are closely clustered and look to have a lack of experience. They also have pretty poor OD for their rank but keeping in mind they just merged.


Have a strong lead on k44 and will hassle zero i imagine just by sheer force of numbers. There tribe average is fairly low and look to have lack of experience as well. They are rank 12 in OD which isn't too bad. Will last fairly long if they control zero and noble well.


Another tribe with 40 players and one tribe i don't think will last that long. They are currently in the most competitive continent which will be interesting and a test. K55 will be one of the continents to watch early on.


Has the best tribe average in world and also has experienced and spread out members. Definitely a tribe to watch out for in the north. Have high hopes for This tribe and will be interesting to see where they go and if they stay. They are also rank one ODA which is quite remarkable with their member count.


The tribe to watch out for in the south, another tribe with a high member point average and a good ODA for their member count. They have experienced players and are also spread which will help there growth. If they manage to fight off the other tribes in k55 They will do well and grow fast, A tribe to definitely watch.


Warning: Sandy rages.
If you did not know, lately it says SANDY Bel

18DOM II20.98320.9833560035600

After this ranking, only sites 1 and 5 are followed. Others are nearly full but not members remains high for the 2 tribes
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good job zero and vilfs

lets hope these 2 don't join :eek: lol


Yeah Zero.o is our main rival at this point, looks like you guys did a good job getting quality members ;)


thanks man.. now its time to find out who has the long term players and who doesn't. we've all seen the startup aces that just disappear..


Natural disaster, calamity. This is Sandy Killer. Caught in crowded ... hahaha


No idea what the Friz is on about but that's nowt new.

Back on thread Top 5 tribes early doors

1 ~SL~ 44.640 44.640 39 1.145 39 1.145
Will Noble barbs early doors and grow at 1st then get owned when 1st attacks start heading there way

2 ZerO.O 42.538 42.538 26 1.636 26 1.636
Will be aggressive early on farming will keep them top of the pile for a while

3 ARMADA 42.459 42.459 39 1.089 39 1.089
Recent merge so early seems a bit desperate don't see anything to excite me here at min
4 MM 41.572 41.572 39 1.066 39 1.066
Very close bunching of members so if organised early on will be difficult to break down but restricting growth barb munchers is my guess
5 VILFS! 36.205 36.205 25 1.448 25 1.448
My old tribe lot of respect to be given here some good player's startup will be important for longevity of this tribe imo.

81 GonZ 1.516 1.516 1 1.516 1 1.516
The new World super power will ownz you all


zero.o is poopy!! ~SL~ will win anyway :p
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such a shame I just started here...

Anyway, hope w9 will open fast enough so I can follow the top :D


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Loking at the time us8 started,I'd say us9 will start in about a month.