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This post is for the TW community to discuss top tribes and top players. The standouts and the druids (TW Slang for noobs).

I'll start it off by bringing up obviously The Horde! - This tribe I see being on top for awhile if not all world. With some well known names and heavy hitters they are bound to do well. (As long as they look to K44 and not K45 =P)

Top Player to me goes to Captain Unreliable. One of the top Villages Plundered as well as top Gathering and Resources Plundered. (Given he is my duke so my opinion is highly biased) Still I think he is arguably a player to watch.

What about you guys?

Im not Crazy Henkie.

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I hope that another good tribe will emerge as well, but for now The Horde! looks most promising indeed :)

Top players, I'd say captain unreliable and Stenly will compete for rank 1 (if both decide to properly play) from what I've seen so far. But maybe there are some interesting outsiders as well


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Tribalwar is a mini marathon sometimes certain are fast on departure (especially pp users :)) But in the end the winner is not those who made the best start but rather those who will make it to the end Good luck to all and see you again at the finish line

Im not Crazy Henkie.

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Spoken like a true politician ;)

We do keep in mind the reputation of these pp users as well though... I know the whole top 5 except for snowtime and I know that they could all keep up until lategame (except for me, but my co drags me through that ^^) so yeah we'll see you at the finish line


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No Limit will probably not be visiting 46 so that is an relief for the most of you. There is no point talking about top players. Anyone today can be the top with the amount of bots on the market that will play for you and even farm pp for you fully automatic. Few years ago I would have not believed that exists however it’s in human nature to try to have advantages over others. Truth is not all of the people have a halo above their head and that is something that is always avoided in the discussion. I am not by all means accusing anyone mentioned or here, I am simply presenting the current reality of TW


For now I'd say The Horde top tribe, will prob be winning tribe; Seems to be same scenario as W41

Top players for now I'd say Captain for their 'energy' for their farming.

As late game topplayer I'd say Stenly cuz they've a nice location to grow and be protected by the tribe + they've shown they're always competing for rank 1 and can invest pp tog it so they'll prob get it.
Won't pot Captain' as late game top-player contender because I've never seen Kyle play a late-game here on .us
Taco will prob have a really good world here but Chill is too lazy end game :( Could've put myself as contender for rank 1 with stenly but can only play this world for 3 months and I'm not motivated to put energy or pp in this world so will probably not go for it but I've a good location... Maybe if I find co-players that are more motivated than I am ^-^
Thijs is great player as well, but same as chill, endgame isn't his best time ^^ Don't know Thrall or the other well ranked players now so can't speak about them



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I don't think I'm in the top 10 at the start of the world
Let’s say as the first world on .us I’m in learning mode not on techniques but on players
I hope I can leave my mark on this world and on this server
I promise nothing to anyone but if you ever need help on the 46 in snipe auto-snipe contact me and I will see what I can do to help you (sitting)
It's always a pleasure to slow top players down
I wish everyone a good game and a good war