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We would like to gather some information about how to improve TW over all. Please be very precise in your answers and be aware that, some things we have already heard such as "Get rid of P2W" or "Remove the luck flag". Here is your chance to let us know exactly where you would like to see improvements and how you think they should be implemented. Giving us a precise explanation of why and how is valuable to us.

We are looking for more indepth information and ideas. If you think that one certain area of the game, such as troops revamped, should see some sort of improvements then please let us know. If you think the premium exchange should have some changes, please let us know.

This does not mean that your suggestions will be added or improved upon but we would like to hear from you, Our players and Community. Please keep this thread on topic.

Remember this is your game and you all love to play it as much as we do, So, please let us know how we can help you make your game better..

Thank you all for adding your 2 cents in.

Your TW US team.


The game is fun, but there are a few flaws.
1: Lose the ability to buy premium points. It's sad when someone who has played for 2 worlds can beat a 9 year vet because they spent $1000 on pp. frustrating to say the least.

2: make the worlds larger, everyone is sitting on each other's laps.

3: remove the updates that make the game geared towards new players. The watch tower makes it so fakes are not useful, as they are easily detected by green, brown or red flags. When I started this game, this didn't exist. You had to prepare for an incoming and chose what attacks you were going to defend against with experience and not something that is premade by the game.

4: keep with support only for tribe mates and one ally. This will eliminate the tribal hugs, and reduce naps and 5 allys.



My opinion to get rid of the exchange probably falls under the category of pay to win.

I agree with the updates geared towards new players like Amdis said, new players have it easy or easier learning the game.. The add nobleman attack option is something I wouldn't mind see go as well. Make the new players struggle with opera. Lol

People actually want to remove the luck flag?! I don't see near enough people using them.


TW is the innovator for the strategy games.
Please keep it at the higher level it deserves.

1) Find a way to detect multiple accounts who ruin the game !
2) Stop the sillyness with the exchange of pp points !
3) Stop the fake attack philosophy ! it is silly to see a single ram attack in a real battlefield !
why we should do this silly thing into our game ?
4) Recover the solution of buying pp points by paysafe !
5) Eliminate the choice of tribal hugs, with the common goal of ending the world together !
6) Put some speed to the game, the most worlds are dead boring SLOW !
7) Forbid scripts, ruinning the classic style of the game and converts it to a nerds game !
pc and scripts doing the job instead of humans !
8) Stop the development of buildings or army, by using pp points !
9) Give some serious motives and awards to winners, not crumbs of 200 pp points etc...


My opinion to get rid of the exchange probably falls under the category of pay to win.

I agree with the updates geared towards new players like Amdis said, new players have it easy or easier learning the game.. The add nobleman attack option is something I wouldn't mind see go as well. Make the new players struggle with opera. Lol

People actually want to remove the luck flag?! I don't see near enough people using them.
I know right, I use the luck flag. I would t cry if they took it away..... but I'd lose way more troops if they did haha


TW is the innovator for the strategy games.
Please keep it at the higher level it deserves.

1) Find a way to detect multiple accounts who ruin the game !
2) Stop the sillyness with the exchange of pp points !
3) Stop the fake attack philosophy ! it is silly to see a single ram attack in a real battlefield !
why we should do this silly thing into our game ?
4) Recover the solution of buying pp points by paysafe !
5) Eliminate the choice of tribal hugs, with the common goal of ending the world together !
6) Put some speed to the game, the most worlds are dead boring SLOW !
7) Forbid scripts, ruinning the classic style of the game and converts it to a nerds game !
pc and scripts doing the job instead of humans !
8) Stop the development of buildings or army, by using pp points !
9) Give some serious motives and awards to winners, not crumbs of 200 pp points etc...
Sending ram fakes and fake trains is something I do quite often during war time. I'd probably quit if they eliminated that option. But the premium points need to go for sure. I'm a 9 year vet and don't feel it's fair for a 2-3 world noob to be able to stick with me. Ive earned my name and status


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I have enjoyed playing TW for quite some time, but in some ways it has taken a few step backs in the last couple years. And some of the glitches from the origin are still there.

1) Some of the updates and enhancements intending to make it easier for new players actually are not appreciated by experienced players. Anyone else remember when tagging incoming attacks didn't mean pushing the "label" button? Or use multiple windows to send a perfect train? Etc...
2) I won't belabor the complaints about wallet warriors out there as I am all for free market capitalism and don't blame inno for trying to make a profit even if it makes the game less fair.
3) The End Game drags on forever and ever and ever and ever. I have played in the winning tribe to the end in multiple worlds. And the last 2/3 of each world has nothing to do with skillful play, and it is completely about endurance. The winner of the worlds are determined long before the world is over. I am in the winning tribe of US 25 right now. (Yep I said it, our tribe is going to win. Everyone knows it but it will take many more weeks to wrap up.) And right now the fun part of 25 is OVER, and all we are doing is just enduring the fact that morale is a pain and it is going to take weeks to finish this. This part of the game is not fun, but just a requirement to winning.
4) Morale. I understand the logic behind it. But as the worlds drag on it becomes more and more punitive. And at a time when the worlds get more boring through the end game process it becomes an anchor dragging the worlds down even further.

Just a few random thoughts here. I am ready to take a break for a bit after 25 wraps up, but I will check back in the future and see how the game evolves.


Yes, I believe it was mentioned before but i would like to see a more realistic gameplay like an actual war strategy game! No fakes, in real life medieval times if you cleared the troops and ur noble survived you conquered the village...also is it that u can send spies and they can get caught but nothing happens to the defending spies....for example if ur spies had enough skill they cud get away even if they got simply killing the spy who cuaght him/her...there shud be a spy leveling system where the effectiveness of a spy is measured by the level they are at... i think an element of realism is drastically missing from this game...


We like to have the ability to limit the number visible own commands in the village overview, not just all or nothing.
It`s a matter of fairness to provide a serious ingame methode for support requests for non-premium-players..once it was necesarry to push players to purchase premium, nowadays you have developed some different ways to earn money.
For those who want to have a perfect game without advantages by spending money: Earning money is forced by the big real life game.
Servers->maintenance->workers->bodys-> stomachs like to be filled..try to sleep on the naked ground.. et cetera


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Thank you all for your suggestions so far, Please keep them coming as they are very valuable to us. Keep up the good work...


We would appreciate it, if the market provides trading only between tribemembers, allies and friends. Just add three checkboxes.

We thought about creating offers in that case.
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1. Less Pay2Win
1.1 My first suggestion to fixing this problem would be to make it so that the Premium Exchange's stock is EMPTY at the beginning of each world. Every world the first players to start get a decent chunk of
resources thus leading to them having a lead over everyone else. Take a look at US27 for example.
1.2 P2W has been in the game for a while now, however before the most skilled players would still be able to outgrow PP whores, this is a lot harder now (I'd even say it's impossible). So I'd say, make it so that you are still able to outgrow/compete with those who P2W. This can be done by for example: increasing the amount of barbs per player, more barbs = more res. A bonus to this is that the worlds become larger, which is nice since the amount of active players has decreased.
1.3 Similarly to 1.2, make it so that barbs prioritize building pits, which helps for the same reasons above.
1.4 Honestly? Make it so that you can't buy resources at all... but that'll never happen. So a little more realistic suggestion would be to make the PP-RES exchange rates worse. Selling RES for PP takes more RES/you get less PP, AND that buying RES for PP takes more PP/you get less RES. This suggestion is good for InnoGames and for the game overall because it will mean that more PP has to be spent for each resource compared to previously. I have also noticed that most P2W players never actually buy PP but instead "farm" it, so making it "harder" to "farm" PP by increasing the amount of RES needed for each PP will hopefully be an incentive for some to actually buy PP.
1.5 You could always make the worlds faster, which would decrease the impact buying RES has. (Don't know how good of a suggestion this is though) Similarly, an increase in pits production rates wouldn't be too bad.

2. Morale should be redesigned
2.1 Morale is great for the game however, I think it has been implemented in a bad way and for the wrong reasons. Firstly, remove point based morale and only use time based morale. From what I have understood, morale is there to benefit the less experienced players. That's not how it should be, experience comes from playing worlds, it's only natural that more experienced players have an advantage of less experienced ones. Morale should be time based because it shouldn't matter too much when you start the world.
2.2 Make it so that morale is removed after a certain point in the game, for example when a tribe has over 50% dominance and etc. This is to make end game less of a grind, by speeding things up.
2.3 I wouldn't mind having no morale, but that'll never happen.

3. No luck
The less RNG there is in the game the better IMO... This would also mean good buy luck flags.

Randy marsh

My one wish is that when your village is nobled the attack you sent out before it does get nobled still goes through. For instance I was in the middle of nobling another village when one of my villas was taken over. So I don't get that other village I was attacking. It's happened to me before. Not sure if that's how it works but I feel it is a waste of tons of resources and makes it tough to relocate. Please fix this issue


Add a troop counter to Loot Assistant. After farming barbs its easy to loose count of how many troops you have left to farm with. To some it might not be but after clicking a few dozen barbs i loose count of how many troops I have to farm with.
It would make it beneficial i believe.

Also limit the number of tribes a person can flip to. There is nothing worse then the top players of two or three tribes merging to win a world. World 22 finished that way. Make it so past a certain point players cannot change tribes. I realize this may drag a world out or maybe not. If players know they are stuck in a tribe past a certain point it may boost drive to finish a world.

I agree ending a world takes forever. Not sure how it can be sped up but looking at a quicker end to a world. Maybe instead of controlling a certain % add if a tribe accumulates a certain number of points will also trigger the end world phase. Whichever occurs first.
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Lord Ross 12-29-16

O.k., I got a lot to say, I do agree with some of the above items, but most of the players posting here are missing the more detail stuff that I will bring up, and differently there is a lack of visionary ideas here which I will expand on, more just fixing existing ideas. Not sure what the developer is looking for for ideas.
1- Tribe limit of 20 forever. That will solve lot of problems, and will block the merge to win crap that has plagued the US servers.
A novel idea for a world might be the survivor island idea, where the tribes start at 25 members and go down 1 member each month until they hit 20. But 20 has to be the max number of players. I would be even happy with 15.
2- 1 Player account sit only. You end up with big tribes that have like 3 or 4 super active players that sit the whole tribe during off time. I would limit account sits to only 1 player, and you can't sit another player until the player you are sitting returns and ends your sit.
3- PP exchange needs fixing/
4-I agree about the morale issue being fixed after you reach the 45% domination level.
5- I would like to see casual 1 start to have a slow expansion of the attack level, i.e. 20% size now, maybe increasing 1% every month until the world becomes a full competitive world, and there is finally a possible victory there. Casual 2 can become the new casual 1 then.
6- Watchtower fix. It needs a much higher level 1 farm space, something similar to a church as it is a cheap farm space, 500 , for a level 1 to see incoming attacks. At 2750 or 5000 farm space for the level 1, it becomes too expensive in farm space to build one in every city and would then become spaced like churches which I believe was the original idea of the developer. Like a radar station.
7-Scout telescope issue. I like the idea of having that in every world, I would just tweak it by having to have at least 100+ scouts surviving the attack before the telescope effect kicks in. Sub 100 gives you just a normal scout view. And I agree that defensive scouts need to take losses too. Maybe for every 4 offensive scouts that die, 1 defense scout dies. Something along those lines.
8-Ongoing mobile issues. There is still some bugs that need to be addressed here.
9-PP / subscription tweaks. I would change 2 things. First the company is in the business to make money, PP/USD buys and ads pay for the workers, servers, electricity, etc. I get that. A PP whore will still lose to better players, especially if they band together against the PP whores. I would suggest 2 fixes. Move the cost of the 20% res booster from 150 to 200 per month as that feature really adds unbalance to the game. And I would suggest lowering the looter assist from 30 to either 20 or 25 per month.
10- Removal of the luck flag. Least used flag. I would suggest giving players a 4 level backwards exchange of flags, done randomly, to reward players that leveled up luck flags. For example, a level 7 luck flag would become a random level 3 flag for the player when the luck flag is removed. I would replace it with the noble flag. I have 2 versions of this..
Version 1 is a 2% to 20% (Level 1 to 10) noble reduction cost flag. Cheaper nobles
Version 2 is a 1% to 10% (Level 1 to 10) noble loyalty reduction flag. 3 train nobles
Either option is good, just depends where the developer wants to go here.
11- Forbid scripts, running the classic style of the game and converts it to a nerds game !
pc and scripts doing the job instead of humans !
12- I would modify the train feature, so that instead of sending 100ms trains that anyone can send, it sends out 250ms spaced trains, a full second train. That would allow for more sniping, and would allow the veteran players who want to use multiple windows to do so again. I know why the developer did this, but farther spaced nobles will make for a better game. Advanced players will send 4 nukes with 1 noble each and can time them all together under 200ms, rookies can not.
13- Unit idea fixes: Some units need fixing and there might be room for more.
A- Axeman, spearman, swordman, Light cavalry, rams, scouts (other than the issue mentioned above), are fine.
B- Archers need to be in every world from now on.
C- Mounted archers are rarely used. They need a serious tweak. Either a lowering of farm space from 5 to 4 or an increase in offense strength from 120 to 140.
D- Heavy cavalry needs a small tweak also. I consider then to be the best unit you can build if the game wants to follow real life. The should be able to be used in both offense and defense. I would increase there offensive strength from 150 to either 160 to 180.
E- Catapults need a major overhaul as they are not a bonfire defense weapon anymore and should be an offensive weapon only. I would reduce their farm size from 8 to 6, and reduce their general defense strength from 100 to 50, and archer defense from 100 to 50.
F- Crossbowman: This is the major improvement for 2017 for TWs right here. The archer mirror for nukes. The nukes are soo repetitive its not funny, this unit allows for more diverse nukes. It would be as follows.
Cost 100 wood 30 clay 70 iron
farm space 1
Offense strength 55 General defense 20 Cavalry defense 5 archer defense 5 18 minutes per field speed, 10 carrying capacity, and the same build speed as an archer.
I think this unit will make a big difference in the game. Slower build and cost more that an axeman, but does more damage, same farm space.

14- New building ideas:
cathedral- similar to a church, can only build on a church world. Acts like the players "holy city" , can be built 1 level high, only 1 per player. Farm space would need to be huge, like at least 10000 farm, maybe 12000. But the cities in the holy city radius would have a super bonus, maybe like 20% recruiting times, or 5% population, or 10% res, something on those lines. And the radius would be bigger than a small church but smaller that a first church.
Citadel- basically like level 30 walls. I would attach it to the pally system, so you can build only as many as you have pallys, so you could build 1 at 1 city, 2 at 3 cities, 3 at 5, 4 at 10 cities, etc. I would make the final defensive bonus around 160% or so, they 10 levels of walls needs to be very expensive in res, close to a farm build out in res, and definitely more farm space. I don't have the final info for this but I think it could work.

15- Ran out of typing room, will have to do a second post later today.
I got a lot more. If the developer wants to shoot me a email, feel free.
Lord Ross


There's always something that can be improved in any game and there are some good suggestions already posted.

For me however what spoils it is that money wins.

I get that INNO needs to make money but when the gap between players becomes too great to bridge, the game is not fun.
Eventually the low money or free players will get jack of it and stop playing and never come back because they lose hope. I've seen this happen in similar games.

I haven't thought about how to fix this, but I thought I would mention it as feedback.

Some suggestions for improving the game are:

1. dis-allow the use of all scripts

- this creates unfair advantage for some

2. dis-allow & discourage co-play on accounts

- this too creates unfair advantages and spoils the game.

- to help eliminate the temptation of multiple players on the one account, maybe a daily limit of account use could be introduced. Say a max of 12 or 16 hours max per day.

3. Holiday mode account suspension

- I couldn't find one, but there should be a way for players to pause their account into holiday mode (just like a temporarily banned account I guess).

4. Fast banned village conversion

a) turn permanently banned player's villages into barbs, immediately ( or at least clearly show them on the map as banned)

b) not sure how long it take now, but also turn abandoned villages into barbs if not active for 5 days (and not in holiday mode)

5. Less farming

my biggest issue if that so much farming is required, in order to make faster progress and keep growing. This task is laborious and time consuming and ties players down to their computers or mobiles - not fun.

- part of the solution could be to increase pit production by various methods which require planning and skill and/or introduce Multiple pits for each resource (at least 3 or more pits for each). This would give players who hate farming or don't have time for it, an alternative.

- in conjuction with #4 above, re-generate units in all barb villages to make them harder to farm,. This will encourage players to focus more on resource pit growth, thus not disadvantaging as much, those who don't like to farm.

6. Daily PP transaction limit on market

The market is great and can be used in many skillful ways but there should be a limit to the the number of daily PP transactions on the market per player. This will reduce unfair advantage of money players. Although this may seem like INNO will make less money, in the long run more players will keep playing if any unfair advantage is reduced and worlds will remain larger.

and finally

7. Attack from Barbs

I would like to suggest an innovation to allow troops to camp in barbarian villages and launch attacks on non-barb villages from there. this would add a new dimension to doing battle and conquering villages. if necessary their could be some penalty or time limit for camping at a barb; troops could slowly die off if camped for too long as an example or have reduced attack strength (like morale)

Anyway that's my two cents worth for now.... keep up the good work.


Part 2, sorry for the wait. Been busy in the RW. These ideas are my more controversial ideas, ideas that might change TW into something better, but different than it is now. Hear me out.

16. A limit to troop attack/support distances based on duration. Here are my ideas:
scout =24 hour duration
noble=30 hour duration
any other troop=48 hour duration.
I know in certain worlds there was a noble limit of like 60 hours, nothing is worse than a rim player grabbing another rim city across the world, or half the world sending attacks on 1 player in the core, attacks coming in 5 days later. Ridiculous and isn't realistic for warfare. This will add more strategy and protect players more.

17. Damage to a city that can be seen to all players.
Maybe a ring of fire around the city for an hour, then black smoke for a certain number of hours, maybe 6? The trigger would be as such:
A loss of 5000+ Defense troops or
A loss of 5000+ Offense troops or
A loss of 7500+ total number of troops from both players in the attack.
The city would have to be over 1000 in size, and the city in the fire stage would act as if the militia is in service and have the resources cut 50% for 1 hour, the smoke stage would be a 6%~1% res lost, going down to zero as the attack time moves toward 6 hours. This would punish defenders and help attackers as cities that get attacked should take some damage to resource production temporarily as in real life cities under siege would have the same effect. This also allows other players to see what's going on around then more.

18. The fog of war.
I never liked that you could see the whole world from the start or any part of the game, I would like that you can only see your cities and the tribe cities and maybe allies cities. Maybe a distance of 15 fields around the cities would be seen, and everything else would be dark. A watchtower would give you 1 more field of sight up to the 20 level, which would give you 35 fields of sight. Any city outside the range of the field of vision can't be attacked. Once again, this leads to more strategy as you must grab cities along the tribe's sight border to move forward. This would also allow for more intel from NAP partners to gain info on where other tribes/ players are at. Also, tribes will be more spread out to take advantage of the intel of seeing more cities.

19. World growth:
I would like to see the world grow faster than it does via more barbs along the rim edge, it won't be seen by most as the fog of war will have it covered, but the world expands slowly now and needs to get past the 4 starting K's. This would allow tribes to spread out more early on and would lead to better mid games.

20. Barbs Fighting back:
So the last 2 ideas go a bit more exotic. Barbs should be able to build armies and fight back. Here is my idea.
26 to 2000, the barbs act like normal barbs.
2000 to 3000, they can build defense units.
At 3000, they can start to build offense/scout units also, and prioritize troop building over city production. They will try to maintain a 1 to 1 ratio of troops to city size at 3000. Barb cities can scout you, and attack you. At 9000, they can build nobles and noble out players. I would have the barb size limit removed as that slows down worlds and the worlds already move slow enough. Adding this to idea 18 and 19, it would be possible to find whole little mini barb nations growing at the rim area as the world would be expanding faster than players joining the world, and would be able to attack back to maintain their position. Coding for the defense units would be easy, the offense units and the A.I. involved for intelligent attacks from barbs would be complex.

The holy Grail "21":
This is my final idea and the most complex, it would fix the issue of the civ 11995 Pentium 386 graphics that this game has. I understand on mobile you have to run shitty graphics to allow for the game to run smoothly, but desktop you do not and how the map is set up is lame and makes no sense and is not realistic in any way, shape, or form.
let that sink in.
All bonuses that are not population, defense, effective workers or resource will only be able to be achieved through the mini games prizes, such as the upgrade for the workshop, stable, barracks, market.

The terrain will now effect cities by either giving or taking away bonuses based on the cities contact with the 8 fields that surround each city. Here are the new effects:

Ocean/sea/lake square effect: 2% population per square of contact.
(NEW) river square effect: 1% population and 1% effective workers per square of contact.
Forest square effect: 5% wood resource bonus and 5% defense bonus per square of contact.
Hill square effect: 5% clay resource bonus and 5% defense bonus per square of contact
Plains ( nothing): Nothing
(NEW) mountains: 15% iron resource bonus 15% defense bonus and -3% population penalty per square of contact
(NEW) Desert: -3% population penalty and -10% defense penalty -5% effective workers penalty per square of contact

This allows the worlds to mimic real life, cities and empires grow along water sources best, they get certain resources from the environment around them, and the environment around cities helps or hurts troops in battle. This will speed up worlds a lot due to the increased resources available. I could see each new world listing the map breakdown of each terrain type, i.e.:
w.55 (example) speed 1.2 terrain
61% plains
12% rivers
7% lakes
7% forest
5% hills
5% mountains
3% desert
That way the players know what each world will be, and the more terrain involved, the higher the res amount and the faster the world will play. The cities around water sources will be highly prized for pop and res bonus(workers), and the mountains for defense, turtle players. Add in the citadel feature, and a city could have close to 250% defense bonus surrounded by mountains. This also gives the strategy of chokepoints, flank attacks, and other military ideas that are not needed in the normal game. Lakes features need to act as a barrier, same with mountains and deserts. I would also tie in barb growth to terrain contact also, so barbs in key growth areas would have 100% growth, and barbs in bad areas would have 50% growth.

Lastly, if the developers would add most if not all of my ideas together than you could open up the WORLD SERVER.
It would be planet earth, using the fog of war, a modified dominance structure, it could have players from all around the world playing it at one time. Real terrain limits and a real time game. The possibities are endless.

Lord Ross


Royal Guardian W17
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Some thoughts.

- A lot of these suggestions are either impossible or extremely difficult to implement: such as removing coplaying and holiday mode/account suspension.

- I absolutely agree with Zeze's post, especially regarding P2W: it needs to be tackled. Although it's effect is usually overestimated, it's killing the player base.

7) Forbid scripts, ruinning the classic style of the game and converts it to a nerds game !
pc and scripts doing the job instead of humans !
At the moment scripts are used primarily for resource balancing, village renaming, assigning flags, farming and sending fakes - all extremely tedious and lengthy tasks to do manually. Removing these scripts would have a detrimental effect.
1. dis-allow the use of all scripts

- this creates unfair advantage for some
How does it create an unfair advantage? They are open to everyone. If you cannot understand how to use them all you need to do is ask for help. If you simply refuse to use them, you're making the choice to limit yourself.

- There has been a few calls for a Watchtower rework. This needs to happen for it to be viable during the early and middle stages of the game. The resources and farm space to get it to a high level is just too much. It also needs to show the exact number of troops. As it stands it is too easy to counter: 999 LC look the same as a fake to the Watchtower.

- I love the Victory achievements but it only includes worlds 21 and onwards. Players who have won previous worlds should be able to request a victory achievement for them too. It can be easily verified.


In case anyone is interested.
I have some small Ideas that could make the game better/more interesting.

Many of these changes work well together and compliment eachother, some can be implemented independently or tweaked to work.
Thanks for checking my Ideas out !!

(+) Small Changes

+More units. A couple more couldn't hurt.
-Crossbowmen (Expensive Archer)
-Ballista/Trebuchet (Defensive Siege equitment, so workshops can help produce defensive troops)
-Pike-man (Spear/Sword hybrid with reduced price efficiency)
-Assassins (Can assassinate Paladins/Nobleman and bypass defensive armies, like a scout does. Scouts/assasins can defend against it)
-King (Starting Paladin, stronger then regulars, helps small players, Limit 1)
-Militia (As a normal, build-able unit, but very fast build times, poor defense and inefficient price, albeit a low price. Allow fast demolish of Buildings to convert workers to Militia.)
-Settler (Founds new Village nearby, Price in resources is less, but coin cost is the same as a nobleman. Don't need an academy or level 20 Smithy though.)

+Boosters for scouts, I see boosters for every type of troop, but none for scouts.

+Capturing Armies with Villages, If you take a Village while their army is away, you gain the armies loyalty aswell. Or half of it.

+Randomly Dealt, Starting Passive Bonus to every Village upon creation, (Resource,Defense,Build-Times,ect.)

+"Recent" Section to Tribe Tab showing all recent Scouts, Attacks, Defends, and Conquers that happened that involved your Tribe when fighting a War for example or otherwise.
(Easier then having to constantly update everyone via forum or mass messaging.)

+Doctrines (Sets of rules and codes and formations your troops follow and abide by that impact the effect they have in battle. Village Specific, works like Flag but for army only. Remove army benefiting Flags, Examples -> Reduced Casualties when winning a battle, Increased Enemy Casualties when losing a battle, Resistance to Archers/Catapults, Faster Marching, Fights at Higher Morale,
Ect. Longer then 24 Hours to change.)

+Destroying a Village, Allow Destruction of a Village completely and Make it easier, so its a good choice alongside Nobling.

+Less villages turn Barb, too many villages turn Barb, only 10-20% should turn Barb when the player goes inactive.

(=) Large Changes

=Forget the watchtower, allow players to scout an incoming attacking to get a readout on it the same way you'd attack a village. (Will diminish fakes and adds realism and depth.)
= Allow attacks to hit together, just like defensive armies can fight together from multiple villages, allow multiple villages to attack together if they all land together. (Can win battles even against stack)
=Make the wall's defensive bonus stronger to compensate if needed. (For the above changes.)

=Set Tribes, during the first month players scramble to find/create a tribe. After that you can not join a tribe. Tribes must then battle together with the members they have until the world ends and one tribe is victorious. 2 Tribes can't co-win. Max 10-20 Players per tribe.

=Real life continent server, for Historical/Geographical Buffs.

=Professional Server (Mandatory 10$ a month to play, but no Premium Points used at all. Everyone has Premium Abilities and Account Manager. Winning Tribe Earns Prize Money. Players with more money won't have an advantage through pay to win, but TW still makes money.)
=Limited Server run time, can be used in conjunction with the above Professional Server idea. (Server only runs for 4 hours a day at a set time every day, 6Pm-10Pm for example. Game speed is 3-4x faster. This way the world still moves quickly, but players will never get attacked while they are sleeping or working. Mostly everyone will almost always be active while the server is active. 100% of the time, so players with no lives won't have an advantage.)

=Siege Attacks (2 types of attacks, regular, and Siege attack. In a siege attack your forces just surround the city and don't engage so there isn't a battle. Your catapults get free hits on the village every few hours or so and the Villages income is Reduced by a %. Only way to break the siege is by attacking it, attacking a siege will be an option for the sieged village, or another village that wants to help. Defensive Siege equitment could cause casualties on the sieging army over time.

=Allow a village to attack an Incoming army and meet them in battle outside of the city (Both sides count as attcking, if this makes defense troops useless then just increase the defense of those troops a bit)

All I can think of off the top of my head for now, maybe I'll have some more ideas later, thanks for checking my ideas out!
Let me know what you all think!