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Yes Viking certainly does look scary. Only 1 member yes. But they have the 5th highest average points per player! :eek:

Dr Diddle


I'm not doing any mass recruiting, most of the top tribes had 35 players before 24 hours passed the first day, thats crazy

Dr Diddle

Tomorrow should be a good indicator, should see a decent amount of growth in the next few days since bp broke

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New Member
31 CREAM 6.955 6.955 11 632 11 632-brave log in on two continents,but with few new recruit certainly one of the favorites to win the continent(s)
61 L of S 2.854 2.854 6 476 6 476-I guess they will also look for few recruitment,cause they are placed on most dificult continent-SI,but definetly capable of wining
3 D.C 11.969 13.407 35 383 35 383-oda rank 1...someone will say it is not good, big oda in first 10 days,I agree,but it is lot better then zero :),and when talking for 35 members-it is a good indicator we are talking about good tribe
1 Whteve 13.395 14.922 35 426 35 426-rank 1,nice "Points per player" -they deserve to be mentioned

others....there are few 24/7 players who dont have tribe-like 10Nerds1Account
acc with 1000 plunders,premium built structures
and market offers 20 premium for 1000 iron-definetly used for lc-stable probably lv.15
I cant fight against that,whole tribes cant
so if they decide to join any tribe,we have new favorites

Dr Diddle

VIKING as a tribe may not last forever but the members seem ok ;)


Argh, leave this place! You are not welcome here! :cool: Seriously though...if you don't like inno.....don't post on their forums, stop your rage, ignore them instead and grow up?
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So the tribe What? has now taken over rank 1 as a tribe over dbd. I thought dbd might last til they get destroyed to finally lose rank 1, but apparently they've been out recruited is all.