Unveiling the Truth


There is no argument, I'm just correcting you.



When the five day grace period for LDE's benefit is up you will see a war. The calm before the storm is just our way of being merciful to you.

Watch out guys, we've got a big dog over here...



This is Firinne_ aka Polka dot princess

I rarely post on forums and this is my first here despite the fact that you attacked my co as me in an earlier forum.

This world is now over so I feel free to post here.
I have never lied to you Other than by omission and as a leader that you should be expecting.
You have abused me many times and have also created many conspiracies that I was supposedly the center of with absolutely no evidence.

I am still awaiting apologies for some of the stuff you said to me

I have many friends here some of them were once my enemies but they played the game fairly They fought well and bore no grudges Now they are friends.

Somehow I cant see you ever doing this. You take everything personally and carry your personal grudges onwards

If we meet again in another world I do hope you will have changed your attitute

Mags aka Firinne Polka


Strange how Honor is lost in War! The ART of WAR is used and reused over and over in this game! Above we see what it breeds, World after World!