US17 World chat


Add your skype name here if you'd like to be added to the US17 world chat.

Please invite others once you are added.

Forums are dead :p


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Instead of claiming that the forums are dead, livin them up, these forums are here for the players. Please use them..


^^ second that, want to get back to playing, been a year now but world 16 is already well underway, unless of course someone is looking for a decent co....?


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Instead of making the forums super hard to access... why not re-write the forums to be accessible via in game.... or easily view-able via an app.... such as making an app that can open to a specific world based on your account...... the fact that tribal wars still has a separate forum/account registration is archaic and outdated. Why not bring the usability and scale-ability to TribalWars paying consumers? That would make the most sense.


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They did that with tribal wars 2.

tw is becoming outdated in terms of back end technology and i'm not sure innogames wants to upgrade it at this point.