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She for sure read it to because she messaged me personally about my post which was posted after this one. Because I mentioned someones personal name in the interview. So shes choosing to avoid the conflict largely it shouldn't have happened but there isn't much to do now to fix it.

Sorry for the delay in the discussion but sometimes Real life is busy, but Should be back to normal soon. with me telling you all to stay on topic all the time.

Deleted User - 419875

It is pretty bad when the mod. doesn't bother to comment on an issue like this after the topic has been posted for 48+ hours.

Sorry but sometimes Real life does get in the way. Things will be back to normal soon.


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yeah, you said that and...yesterday a guest villages disappeared lol.I was farming it with the fake script and script was fine until I got the message village doesn't exist.Checked reports for those coords and it was a guest village that was deleted.

The response from mods was, the gap will slowly fill again.It will get filled with more blank spots I believe they meant :D