$$$ vs VS ALL


Credit is due. Helesta deserves his rank.
Standby could still learn a few things though. ;)

Poor Lord Ross seems to be taking a beating today.
I don't think you have seen me go full tryhard on you yet lol. But yes I do have a few things I can get better at. Maybe you will see the improvement the next round of attacks that grace your villages with their presence lol


I don't disagree with that, the way peace went out was especially detrimental to those of you who were serious about playing still. I will pass partial blame onto your leadership since they should've seen he wasn't active enough and had him give frontline villages to smaller players, morale would have been a right pain for Helesta. Still, him dipping from 38 and playing 40 is very lame.
What sucked the most is that he was very active. Then just ghosted us. Was worried for his well being in RL, then he popped up on the other world and accidentally posted something in tribe chat. Then deleted it.

But oh well. I was done with this world a long time ago. Well before the war started. Just not enough time really. Though, I am having a good time now.

Also. I like unicorns.