W37 Take Notes


Hey guys, special shout out to the boys over at W35 that I made friends with, Sadly it came to a tragic end for me, being sandwiched between a rock and a really really hard place. Thats why this time around, I'm going to make sure I get off to the right start with the right tribe starting out on the southwest(real ogs start there) side. Accepting open applications now the tribe.

The Empire

Everybody has a dark side.
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The Scientist.

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Goodluck :)
As far as I am aware there are a couple of premades joining W37 so should be a good fight. Or a hug fest. We will see :)


I already got a Trade Mark on The Empire for W35. Sorry not Sorry.
Pretty sure, I was the first to use the empire on W35 lol. That failed tribe all seeing eye had. When he got nobled, I changed their name to empire. For a hot minute. So I had it first sorry not sorry