W42 opening


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I wish I had the magical powers, but alas outside support is on. Sorry guys and girls...
Seems to be some awesome players playing this world tho. Could be good to watch if they stay in their respective tribes.

Personally, looking at who’s around me......I see myself getting a good ass whooping LMAO

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Is this another world filled with pp farmers or are some people actually trying to win? The top players growth on speed 1.6 is pretty low.
Dase, there’s very little resources being sold so people are growing slow. In the last 60 minutes on my K

939 wood, 939 iron, 939 clay been sold.

(I didn’t get it lol) Someone is fu^*ing fast on the button :)

Tribal Wars Gods

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Still man, with this speed I was thinking someone would reach 1.3-1.5k already.

Also, from what I remember you get easy res from the exchange after 01:00. Most americans buy with $, but a lot of europeans are farming their pp so you have better odds at catching some between 01:00 and 05:00.


More buyers per K made it more spread, some still got lucky with early catches but other then that it's quite distributed since its tribe members v tribe members for market with the K splits.

It also changes things without the mass amount of bots selling from very early.