W9 Macedonia

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Tribe Name: Macedonia
Tribe Tag: MCD

Who: I am Dev, previously known from US.1 along with .net I offer experience in the game, individual tactics, and tribe strategy. I have multiple experiences on .net where I have played various types of accounts, low ranking in a good tribe and vice versa, no tribe position, important tribal figure. Some names may known to others include Aelix0, Mageknights, HigherThanYou, and on us.1 Date

What: A first pre-made set up by me. We will be starting in the NE. Anyone is welcome as I want to make this a tribe where us "experienced" players can take a beginner or two under our wings and help increase the amount of "players" while still competing on a larger level. That said with only 25 member spots, there will be no in game "mass recruiting" all members will have gone through me via skype or forum to deduce whether one would contribute to the tribes goal.

How: MCD will be lead by me(duh!?) it will also consist of 1-2 other dukes in the tribe who have previous experience in tribal position. Followed by another 2-4 Barons or "High Council", remaining members will be divided into 3 groups, low council-trusted members allowed on taking part on important tribal functions and discussion. Members, and Low class, who are either new to the game, or still proving loyalty or skill while maintain the same respect as a duke or baron among the tribe.

Goal: Like every tribe our ultimate goal is to succeed and win the world. En route we plan on educating a few more players to increase the amount of talented TW players around. And also make some friends and enemies. Most of all if none of those goald are achievable we will have an effect on the world worthy of consideration for a textbook, like the great Macedonian Empire.

How to join: Mail me on the externals, or via skype (@l0rdi0n1)where a background check will be done to ensure a positive relationship between tribe and player can be sustained.


Matt Quinn

the red dragon
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my skype gives me two persons when i add l0rdi0n1, which one is you?

Khan the King

Member list is updated but I couldn't find any tribe named MCD or any player named Total Noob. Strange isn't it?