looks like a good settings world, not sure what "This world also has 20:1 ratio active" is though.
not gonna play just here to troll :)


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as of now looks like everyone is for pp farming, future is so unpredictable!
i wish best luck to all warriors who choose to play seriously
and hope all pp farmers will earn mountains of pp!


Yup. Should be an easy world for whoever does decide to play. Will be lots of ressies available for purchase after the first few weeks


Hopefully I can give one of you in the top 5 the boot in plundering. Likely not today though. Tomorrow maybe


Hey hey,

Just want to share my opinion of this (beautiful world).
For me this is a beautiful world in the way, after the first two weeks we won't have any idea about who will win this world. Few big names in the top 20 but who will play this one seriously? Who is only waiting for W42?
Few newbies spending pp seeing that there is a chance for them to work something out on this world; big names are spread up over the map so difficult to make a strong tribe, gives all the chance to smaller ones to rim them.
There was heavy pp-spending at the start but seems it's going down now; markets getting high, few juicy reports already.

My first intention wasn't to play this world seriously but I really like it, thanks all for giving a bit of fun back ;)
Hope that it will still be a funny world over few weeks and that few good players will still be arround to give some challenge...

Just wanted to share my hapiness about this world ♥ (yeah we expect a lot about W42, I hope it will be as least even good as this world (regarding to the % of fun I've whil playing))

Kiss ladies & gentlemen