Why have you destroyed Tribalwars for us?

Wanna get tribalwars back to normal ?

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All this pay to win shit. The game is no longer the same anymore ...

Just look at v40 ffs.
Im not saying that ITD is not professional players, its just that if you combine pro-players with this pp pay to won shit. The game is no longer a competition like it was before. I even bet that many ITD people doent think its that fun anymore, when they dont have any real threats.

To the staff: do you really need this exstra money?


Honestly I think the pp market and player base is perfectly fine. If anything innogames should up the price of premium points. Tribal Wars is definitely taking steps in the right direction.

Iron Lady

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Marty Sox, Your about 5 years to late. Game has been pay to improve for many years. In fact, all city building games you will find on internet are pay to win or pay to improve.

I say "Pay to Improve" over "Pay to win" as there is still the pp/ resource exchange to earn premium points. Otherwise, TW (Any version or server) would be totally pay to win.

I have over 10 years TW (1 and 2) experience, on both US and International servers. There is a way to earn PP without fear of attack, which the earned PP can be used on another world so PP is balanced out.


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Never seen the term pay to improve, pay for perks however is a common industry term.

The game is close to pay-to-win, but not quite there.

If players like me pay, we win.
If bad players pay, they don't necessarily do so.

The perks you can get are huge, but the people that spend a lot can still often be surpassed by skilled players with lots of time on their hands.

Iron Lady

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"Never seen the term pay to improve, pay for perks however is a common industry term." Terminology aside, concept is the same. The game is not quite pay to win, but close is also a very true statement. If InnoGames ever takes out the res/pp exchange then the game is fully PtW and in my honest opinion would be the death toll for this game. I have played many city building games and nearly every one outside of TW1 is pay to win. Even TW2 is fully pay to win.

Yes, an experienced tier 1 player with lots of premium points and time to play will be hard to beat. Some great game guides also point out , "The most important commodity to this game is time." An average player with lots of time in game will surpass a top player who rarely sets foot in their village regardless of money spent. Plus, once a player has many villages the game is all but unplayable without a premium account.

Myself, I am no longer willing to get up in middle of night to dodge incoming attacks or snipe players as I value a good nights sleep.. lol